The reality is that there are many robot skills that cannot replace humans. CareerBuilder brings 4 factors that make robots unable to replace humans, helping you understand and highlight these strengths in your CV.

Emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence (EQ) is simply the ability to control and express human emotions, as well as understand and shape the emotions of others. Whether communicating with colleagues, service users, or private clients, everyone needs a certain level of emotional intelligence.

For example, imagine your manager is someone with low EQ, they won’t be able to communicate with you effectively, don’t understand why you have to work remotely for personal reasons, can’t help you. stress management. Simply because they don’t understand.

It is true that there are robots that have developed artificial intelligence to read emotional signals, but they cannot replace humans, especially in complex situations. They can register emotions, but building relationships and showing empathy with customers and colleagues is another story.

Thế giới sẽ ra sao khi robot thay thế con người? -

Set a problem and find the answer

Since robots can’t utilize and understand psychology like humans, they won’t be able to pose problems and figure out how to solve problems like professionals in product design, advertising, and marketing do.

Let’s say, you create an ad on Facebook, but people don’t interact with it. Can a computer accurately interpret the cause and provide a solution? It can offer some formulas and tweaks to the ad, but that doesn’t always work. Usually, to solve this problem you have to understand the tastes of your customer group.

Creative problem solving can include: resolving conflicts between employees, addressing customer concerns, or even adapting internal work processes to fit your needs. majority.

Management (both technology and human resources)

Many companies are using software and artificial intelligence to manage people, products, and services. This intervention allows employees to offload manual tasks and focus on more important tasks.

Technically, automation has begun to take over many workplaces, but businesses still need people to oversee it. An accounting or administrative position, for example, might use a program to track revenue and expenses. But what happens when that program crashes, there is a system error? Will the business owner switch to another automated software or process right away?

The answer is no, they need a person with expertise to detect errors, use available skills and experience to repair and inspect damage. To manage employees, computers or automation simply cannot replace people.

Therefore, on the path to career advancement, highlighting your experience in managing both technology and people will help employers realize your worth.


Maybe many people have seen the news about robots communicating with each other, even communicating with humans. But they still cannot completely replace people, both internally within the company and externally with partners and customers.

In the days of having to work from home due to social isolation, everyone must have found that communicating with colleagues via the messaging system helps maintain work operations, but cannot be as effective and fast as direct interaction. next.

When talking about communication skills, it is also important to pay attention to non-verbal communication skills – important in business communication and in everyday life.
Simply put, robots cannot communicate like humans with humans. Therefore, when you want to advance in your career, you need to take the time to refine your soft skills, especially, highlight your achievements in your CV. It’s a long way from predicting exactly how technology will shape the workforce. Automation has “taken over” some jobs, but technology is still unlikely to replace humans in certain skills. So in order for AI not to “take away” your work, first, keep focusing on your work and develop your professional skills; second, keep the aforementioned skills in mind when you update your CV; third, even if you don’t need a new job right away, keep honing and improving your high-tech related skills so you can adapt when needed. Graphic design profession

Graphic design profession is a profession that cannot be replaced by robots because this profession requires an aesthetic mind, a rich imagination and a certain creative ability. Robots cannot be capable of creating beautiful creative 3D images, nor can they adjust the colors, lighting, and backgrounds on a graphic design product to produce an eye-catching logo image, a Impressive house pictures. Aesthetics, imagination, creativity are things that are highly demanded in people.


A doctor is someone who cares and takes care of the patient. Robots can examine, give results, detect diseases, etc., but there are main jobs of doctors such as diagnosing to prescribe medicine, robots cannot do.


The teaching profession is the interaction between students and teachers, needing understanding, love, training and development together. Robots can memorize to teach students knowledge, but they do not bring other necessary things such as protection, teaching students when they make mistakes, teaching students necessary life skills in a difficult situation. any situation…

Personnel management profession

The professions that cannot be replaced by robots are Human resource management, which requires a great deal of understanding of people, to arrange work, maintain employees’ rights and interests, and devise a recruitment process. application in accordance with the requirements of the company, solving internal problems surrounding the work in the company… These jobs require people with full capacity and qualities to be able to undertake, robots are difficult to implement. presently.

Why can’t careers be replaced by robots?


Robots have a great advantage that is discipline, memorization. They follow what has been planned, have an order, have an arrangement, but creativity is not. Therefore, jobs that require high creativity such as graphic design, marketing, etc. then occupations cannot be replaced by robots.


Currently, there are robots with emotions, but the sensitivity, understanding, tolerance, and forgiveness cannot be compared with humans. Moreover, these are necessary elements, must have in the working process so that everyone can interact and understand each other, thereby operating the work smoothly and effectively. For example, jobs that need high understanding such as production management, human resource management, etc.


Robots have poor human interaction. What if you let a robot act as a speaker, give a life skill training session? The interesting will be less, even boring because there is no exchange, interaction, mutual conversation like human with human. Jobs that require great interaction such as speakers, MCs, are occupations that cannot be replaced by robots.


Increase job opportunities

If all jobs are taken by robots without occupations that cannot be replaced by robots, society will have a large surplus of human resources and no jobs. There are jobs that are not replaced by robots, people will have jobs, develop themselves and develop society.
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Jobs that cannot be replaced by robots make life balanced, people are mastered, but the role of robots – the leading AI artificial intelligence today cannot be denied. Robots help people free up labor in many jobs, can focus on the work they want to do, need to do and have to do. Robot vacuum cleaner is one of the pioneers of robot technology that helps people get rid of daily house cleaning.