Hopefully the eye-catching color options or the improved camera system of the iMac M1 will be brought to its Macs by Apple in the future.

Last month, Apple officially launched the new iMac M1 with dramatic improvements in performance compared to the previous generation. In addition, this AIO PC also possesses many new features that many people are expecting to appear on Macs.

New colors

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It’s been a long time since Apple’s Macs didn’t come with many eye-catching color options. Currently, when buying a MacBook, users can only choose gray, silver or gold color variants. While with the new iMac M1, users will have up to 7 rainbow color options, including blue, yellow, orange, red, purple, blue and silver to express their personality.

As a result, many are expecting these color options, or at least one of them, to make their way to all of its Macs in the future.

Power brick with Ethernet

Outside of gaming consoles, it’s rare that we see an Ethernet jack built into a laptop body these days. But most desktops still have them, and that’s also the case with the new iMac M1. It is known that this connection port helps to reduce the load on the charger and this is quite useful when users do not need to plug or unplug it often.

Higher resolution camera

Several Macs now have decent cameras (supporting 1080p resolution), including the 27-inch Intel iMac and the 24-inch M1 iMac. However, most of the rest of the models in this lineup have pretty bad camera quality.

As the Zoom feature is slowly becoming the norm, having a good webcam is important, but this hardware spec has lagged behind almost every laptop, including Windows and ChromeOS systems. As a result, many are expecting future Macs to feature a 1080p camera system like the current iMac M1.

Connect the magnetic power cable

The magnetic connection on the new iMac power cable seems like a new engineering achievement from Apple. Other iMac sizes and maybe even Mac Mini or Mac Pro could benefit from it. With rumors referring to the return of the MagSafe connector for MacBooks, this could be a spiritual successor to that.

Personal accessories

The new iMac M1 provides users with 3 different keyboard options, which are standard keyboard, Touch ID sensor and numeric keypad, finally Touch ID with keyboard and mouse, independent touchpad. These accessories also come in a total of 7 colors to pair with the new iMac M1.

In addition, users can customize the color scheme as they want, such as a combination of blue iMac, green keyboard and orange touchpad. So hopefully Apple will do the same for the iMac mini, Mac Pro or a docked MacBook, if they want to add a bunch of personalization.