When it comes to bluetooth speakers, what comes to mind first? This type of speaker has a difference with traditional speakers that we can all notice: using a wireless bluetooth connection.

If your device (smartphone, tablet, laptop, PC, game console) comes with a bluetooth connection, you can enjoy using this wireless connection standard, as long as both the device and the speaker have batteries. to run. The bluetooth speaker is compact and lightweight, easy to carry anywhere without being entangled.

Although there are still some stereotypes that bluetooth speakers are not really useful, there are 5 reasons below that will make you change your mind.

6 lí do bạn nên sắm một chiếc loa không dây, bluetooth

1 – Can be used anywhere in the house

When you cook and want to listen to music for more inspiration, you can use headphones, but there is a high chance that the wires of the headphones will get caught in the kitchen utensils and endanger you. Bluetooth speakers are different, as long as you charge the battery before, you can now listen to music on iTunes or Spotify as you like. You can take it with you anywhere.

2 – Share music for others to listen to

Playing music through the smartphone’s speakerphone will have a much lower volume compared to playing through bluetooth speakers. You can enjoy lyrical, gentle or even vibrant tunes with your loved ones when going out.

3 –Used to decorate the house

This new era bluetooth speaker is not only used to listen to music, it is also used to decorate the house in the owner’s own unique style.

4 – Hands-free voice without touching the phone

If you have connected your phone to a bluetooth speaker and receive an incoming call or want to make an outgoing call, you can use the bluetooth speaker directly because the speaker has a built-in microphone. Your speakers will be loud enough for you to hear and respond to ongoing dialogue.

5 – Replaces bulky computer speakers

In case you don’t want to use bulky computer speakers and don’t have enough space, a bluetooth speaker is probably more than enough for you to enjoy your digital content.