In the current era of strong technology development, the appearance of more and more smart devices to serve human needs is inevitable. Bluetooth speaker is one of such product lines, it was born to bring great sound experiences with more modern and convenient features to users. This device is a trend in listening to music that is no longer strange to many people and especially young people. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of them, let’s explore in the article What is a bluetooth speaker? Advantages and disadvantages of Bluetooth speakers below.

1. What is a bluetooth speaker?

Bluetooth speaker is a speaker integrated and developed based on the advantages of Bluetooth technology – wireless connection technology. These speaker models can be easily connected to smart phones, tablets, TVs, etc. to wirelessly transmit audio signals between devices extremely stable at about 10m (maybe up to 100m). same utility.

Bluetooth technology was born as a revolution in technology. The transmission of information, data as well as wireless connections create great convenience in life. Bluetooth music speakers are a very useful application of this type of wireless data transmission. It gives your speaker the ability to connect to another external device without wires. That device connects to a bluetooth music speaker so you can listen to music, watch movies or use the speaker for many different purposes.

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2. Advantages of Bluetooth speakers

Wireless connectivity

Using a Bluetooth speaker, you don’t need a messy connection or power cord. At the same time, it helps you save money, and brings an aesthetic to your music space. In addition, this also helps you avoid the case of audio errors due to damaged wires or jacks, and you don’t need to worry about finding a new source to use the speaker.

Nowadays, the sources are usually smart devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc., so the wireless connection will be more convenient. Therefore, bluetooth speakers with wireless connectivity bring great convenience to users. It can be said that this is one of the outstanding advantages of this speaker line compared to traditional speakers. Bluetooth speakers are very portable, suitable for many situations, meeting the dynamic and modern needs of today’s society.

High mobility

Partly because there is no need for a power cord or connection wire, Bluetooth speakers bring convenience and neatness during use. In addition, this speaker line has an extremely compact size, light weight, maybe only a few hundred grams to a few kilograms. On the other hand, they also come with handles, straps, and handles, providing a great choice for people on the go. You can easily put it in your backpack, carry it in your hand or wear it on your shoulder to go anywhere, listen to it whenever you want. Your travel will become simpler and more wonderful when you only need a phone and a compact Bluetooth speaker to enjoy the most lively music space.

Built-in battery

Most Bluetooth speakers have built-in batteries capable of playing music for dozens of hours and you can charge them over and over again for more convenient use. While other types of speakers usually have to be plugged into a power source to be used, so it’s extremely suitable for travel, picnic or backpacking… In addition, some new Bluetooth speaker models are now equipped with USB port to charge the phone battery, this is also one of the valuable advantages of bluetooth speakers.

Good water resistance and impact resistance

The waterproof and impact-resistant Bluetooth speaker helps ensure effective use in different environmental conditions without damage, giving you complete peace of mind. Even if you encounter unexpected problems, your speakers will still work well, keeping your fun uninterrupted even in wet conditions, water, wind, dust or shocks. This is what makes the difference between Bluetooth speakers and regular speakers, helping it score absolute points and conquer users. It can be said that Bluetooth speakers are the perfect choice for outdoor parties.

The price is diverse and lower than normal speakers

Compared to regular speakers, Bluetooth speakers are quite cheap, despite being integrated with many modern technologies and features. The price of this device is also very diverse from low to high, from affordable to high-end, allowing you to freely choose within your price range and needs. Maybe just a few hundred thousand dong or a few million dong, you can own this speaker.

Consume less energy

Instead of having to plug in the power frequently and consume a lot of power, the Bluetooth speaker only needs a single charge with a not too large amount of power, which is enough to use all day long. Bluetooth speakers consume very little power, so you don’t have to worry about finding an external power source to keep them running.

No need to install

Another advantage of this speaker line is that you don’t have to install or tweak the sound, making your use simpler and easier than ever, even for the elderly or not using Bluetooth speakers. when. The connections between the speaker and mobile devices are established automatically, so there is no setup time or effort.

Huge digital music store

The advent of digital music is a pretty big step forward in music entertainment, used by Bluetooth speakers. Currently, digital music is also of the same quality as analog music, especially online app stores like Spotify or Apple Music that are enough to provide you with a long list of the best music worth listening to.

Use it for a variety of purposes, whether it’s going out, going to school or even working

Because there are no messy wires, and there is no need to set up much, you can take it to travel, go on a picnic, use it to learn a foreign language or do simple office tasks. Not to mention the weather resistance in some models is enough to serve you when there is high humidity or light rain. Not only acting as a music speaker, this device can also become a beautiful decoration for your space because of its diverse and vivid design and design.
Works with phones The great thing about a Bluetooth speaker is that it can work seamlessly with a mobile phone. While other wireless speakers use RF or Infra-red, features that few cell phones have, bluetooth speakers can be used with any type of cell phone. And also because most phones these days have music playback capabilities, you can listen to your favorite songs in no time.
3. Disadvantages of Bluetooth speakers Connection limit Despite possessing many advantages in terms of modern design and features, Bluetooth speakers cannot avoid limitations compared to traditional speakers. One of them is that it can only connect to smart devices with Bluetooth, while the speaker can usually connect to any device with just a cord. In addition, although the Bluetooth 4.0 standard for connectivity is up to 100m, the safest distance is still 10m. If you exceed this number, the possibility of losing signal or disconnecting in the middle is very normal. This is a drawback of the connection distance between the device (music player, phone, laptop, ect..) and the speaker, if you want to listen to music while sitting in another room away from the bluetooth speaker, it’s a bit difficult. . You also can’t bring the speaker away from the source, whereas with a regular speaker you can take it anywhere you want, as long as you have enough wires to connect it.

Small speaker power

This device is for people who like to experience, like compactness and features and technology, but not yet the choice of professional players. Bluetooth speakers often have a significantly lower power level than conventional speakers. Of course, there are some high-end Bluetooth speakers with large capacity for large outdoor spaces, but most of them are small and medium capacity to suit small scenes and common spaces. Because of its small power, its sound will be weaker and lack of depth than conventional speakers.

Sound quality is not high

Bluetooth speaker sound quality is not particularly outstanding compared to conventional wired speakers. With a compact design and low price, Bluetooth speakers will of course only be equipped with the right capacity and sound system, not as powerful, lively or highly intensive as normal speakers. Bluetooth speaker is an audio device for users who are not strict about music quality, to get a hi-res audio standard Bluetooth speaker is quite expensive.

Not compatible with high quality music players

Only smartphones, tablets or laptops can connect to Bluetooth speakers and music players are not supported. This is also a limitation of this speaker line because this music device is widely used with good quality and features.

Limit listening time

A Bluetooth speaker with a built-in battery is a great advantage, but in a way, it also becomes a disadvantage of this device, because it is only capable of playing music for a certain number of hours, after which it needs to be charged. to continue operating. While a normal speaker can run continuously for as long as you want as long as you give it a stable power source.

Above is the article What is a bluetooth speaker? Advantages and disadvantages of Bluetooth speakers The advantages and disadvantages of Bluetooth speakers compared to conventional speakers. Although there are still a few limitations, but with the dynamic pace of life and the increasingly strong development of technology, along with the increasing multi-purpose entertainment needs of young people, convenience, Bluetooth Speaker is still a great choice. great.