As the first AirPods in Apple’s history to follow a dedicated over-ear design style, AirPods Max offers the perfect balance between a realistic audio experience and the typical convenience of Apple’s headphones. defect.

Apple AirPods Max Headphones

The most exquisite over-ear headphones

With AirPods Max, Apple has redefined the over-ear style by bringing a minimalist design from the earcups to the headband. Every detail on AirPods Max is compact enough in size, towards the most comfortable feeling for all customers even though they wear it continuously for hours.

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AirPods Max – The most delicate over-ear headset

In particular, the headband is integrated with a gentle mesh surface, which both provides a sense of ventilation, and minimizes the impact force from the headband on the user, avoiding annoying discomfort like other over-ear headphones.

Apple has wrapped a soft material on the outside of the stainless steel frame to create a flexible, soft feel while ensuring sturdy durability in the overall design. In addition, owners of AirPods Max can adjust the length of the two sides of the headband until they are satisfied and suitable for their own size.

AirPods Max – soft material outside the stainless steel frame

The application of Anodized aluminum material when making the earcups on both sides helps to effectively balance the internal pressure while still optimizing the aesthetics of AirPods Max.

AirPods Max – Anodized aluminum application

Maximum comfort and breathability

Like every other Apple headset product, AirPods Max is meticulously finished to the smallest detail. If the previous AirPods models scored in the ear-catching driver but were still comfortable, then AirPods Max chose the direction to use the smoothest ear cushions.

Apple has applied specialized active foam material for audio devices as the main component to produce ear cushions. The outer layer is a special mesh fabric, designed specifically for a soft, yet breathable feel.

AirPods Max – Maximum comfort and breathability

Easy control with the Digital Crown

Compact and delicate, the Digital Crown dial takes up only a modest area on one side of the earcup but supports users to perform a lot of tasks to control AirPods Max. From tweaking the loudness / low volume to functions such as transferring songs, receiving incoming calls and activating Siri virtual assistant, it is very easy and convenient.

AirPods Max – Compact and sophisticated, Digital Crown

Premium sound like never before on AirPods

Towards creating a headset with high-quality sound that surpasses even AirPods Pro, Apple not only optimizes the design of AirPods Max but also integrates ANC active noise cancellation technology into this product. Each component that makes up the audio driver is fine-tuned to deliver the highest fidelity output.

You will be satisfied with the warm bass, clear mid range and sharp treble that the product brings. Whether your taste is vibrant young music or gentle instrumental music, AirPods Max will meet your needs well.

AirPods Max – Premium sound like never before on AirPods

Modern H1 chip – the heart of Apple technology

AirPods Max owns not one but two H1 processors – distributed on both sides of the headset. The presence of the H1 chip helps to process the incoming audio signal and create the best output sound quality. The software that Apple engineers put in makes effective use of all 10 audio processing cores in each H1 chip, thereby increasing maximum active noise cancellation. Not only that, H1 is also the heart of Apple technology, both ensuring fast Siri interaction and better energy saving.

AirPods Max – Modern H1 Chip – the heart of Apple technology

Optimum compatibility with Apple products

AirPods Max inherits all previous modern technologies of the AirPods product line, from interacting and giving commands to Siri to the ability to flexibly connect with products bearing the Apple logo such as iPhone, iPad and MacBook. Experience connecting and interacting between devices takes place seamlessly without the support of any entangled connection cables.

Specifically, AirPods Max will automatically scan to pair with iPhone / iPad when the two devices are close to each other. A message will appear to confirm the connection on the transmitter. All you need to do is agree and enjoy the audio experience.

AirPods Max – Optimal compatibility with Apple products

In addition, the mechanism of transferring signal transmitters from iPhone to iPad or Mac will be very flexible. If you’re playing music on your Mac and suddenly a call comes in on your iPhone, the AirPods Max will pair itself with your iPhone for you to hear the call.

AirPods Max – transfer transmitter from iPhone to iPad

Share audio easily with another AirPods. In case you are listening to music with your iPhone and want to share this interesting music with someone else, the system will allow you to use a single device (iPhone/iPad or Mac) to stream music to multiple AirPods nearby.

More flexibility with location detection

AirPods Max will pause music playback when you lower the headset to your neck to talk to someone to save battery, and will resume music playback if you put it back in place. This flexibility helps you not to miss any beat and still chat comfortably with the person next to you.

In addition, the flexible use of Siri makes it possible for you to command the virtual assistant to read incoming messages out loud and respond without having to touch your iPhone. The familiar “Hey, Siri” voice command opens up a handy experience of leveraging Siri to do a variety of other tasks like checking the weather, scheduling meetings, and more.

AirPods Max – More flexibility with location detection

Extremely effective battery saver

When stored in the dedicated Smart Case, the AirPods Max will automatically switch to a low-energy state for optimal battery savings and extended use. Fast charging technology provides 5 minutes of charging and up to 1.5 hours of continuous music playback afterwards. When in a full state of energy, AirPods Max allows you to talk, listen to music, watch movies for many hours even with active noise cancellation ANC activated.