Modern and trendy design

Apple Watch S7 LTE 45 mm silicone band has an upgraded design compared to the S6 version. The frame is made of 100% recycled aluminum to help protect the environment, the corners are soft, the watch bezel is only 10.7 mm thin (40 percent thinner than the Apple Watch S6). The 1.77-inch watch face is curved to create a more seamless feel with the border, the screen area increased by 20% compared to the old version.

Apple Watch Series 7 LTE 45mm - Giảm ngay 13%

Up to 50 percent more text is displayed on the screen compared to Series 6, helping users capture more information and read more information on the same screen.

Apple Watch Series 7 LTE 45mm – Design

OLED screen with vivid images and crisp colors

With a resolution of 484 x 396 pixels, the OLED panel provides excellent visibility even in harsh lighting conditions. In addition, Apple Watch S7 supports Always-On Retina display with a 70 percent brighter screen than Series 6, allowing you to see the time or notifications without lifting your wrist or touching your watch.

Touted as the most durable Apple Watch ever, it features Ion-X reinforced glass that’s 50 percent thicker than previous versions, providing greater ruggedness, better shatter resistance, and copper protection. In the face of a powerful impact.

Apple Watch Series 7 LTE 45mm – Display

WatchOS 8 is well optimized

– The WatchOS 8 operating system has a smoother, easier-to-use interface designed by Apple specifically to optimize the display for the larger screen of the Apple Watch S7. WatchOS 8 comes with many features such as health monitoring, support for physical activity, sleep monitoring, calorie burn and more.

– On-screen buttons have been designed to be larger and easier to press, simplifying interaction with the screen. The full-size keyboard supports user typing and surfing QuickPath. in addition, the smartwatch features machine learning to predict the next word based on context, making text entry easier and faster.

Note: WatchOS 8 requires an iPhone (iPhone 6s or later) to be updated to the latest version of iOS.

Apple Watch Series 7 LTE 45mm – WatchOS 8

Listen to calls directly on your watch

This smartwatch model supports eSim, so you can talk directly on your watch without a phone. Connect via Bluetooth v5.0 to receive messages, calls, Messenger, Zalo, Line,…

Apple Watch Series 7 LTE 45mm – eSim Support

1.5 days of battery life with a quick full charge

The S7’s battery life provides approximately 1.5 days of use with a full charge in just 2 hours – 33 percent faster than the Apple Watch S6.

Note: This length of time may vary depending on usage. Quick Charge is not currently available in Vietnam.

Apple Watch Series 7 LTE 45mm – Battery Life

A diverse collection of watches

There is a very rich and diverse collection of watch faces in this version, with many different styles, including the impressive “silhouette” watch face – placing the dial next to the screen and moving dynamically. It is active throughout the day, emphasizing the current time.

In addition, users can create their own watch face to their liking, always refreshing the watch at hand in your own way.

Apple Watch Series 7 LTE 45mm – Watch Collection

Supports optimal health management

– Equipped with a modern, third-generation optical heart rate sensor that supports accurate, continuous heart rate measurement over a 24-hour period. Users can quickly view heart rate data directly on the wrist.

– The Sleep Monitoring feature provides information on sleep quality to assess and establish reasonably healthy sleep habits.

– Apple Watch also integrates additional health monitoring features such as ECG for electrocardiogram, SpO2 for blood oxygen level measurement, …… to help users monitor their health issues as soon as possible.

Fall detection function

With this feature, it will assist you in sending SOS to the previously provided phone number every time you fall and remain motionless for 15 seconds.

In this updated version, Apple Watch S7 uses algorithms to optimize fall detection, allowing for the detection of falls while in motion – including cycling and other types of exercise. This will be an ideal feature for seniors who often exercise vigorously, or to ensure your safety during dangerous adventures and travel.

Apple Watch Series 7 LTE 45mm – Fall Detection

Various training modes and levels

Apple Watch S7 integrates many different exercise modes, from cycling, running, swim team, yoga …… that help users improve their health and build resistance. Workouts also feature automatic pause and resume, so indicators more accurately reflect the time spent moving or standing, such as stopping for a drink of water.

The calorie burn feature helps you recognize and track the effects of your daily workouts.

Apple Watch Series 7 LTE 45mm – Exercise Mode

Rest assured when bathing and swimming in shallow water with a water resistance rating of WR50

According to ISO 22810:2010, this smartwatch is also water resistant to 50 meters for use in shallow water activities, such as swimming in a pool or the ocean. However, the Apple Watch Series 7 should not be used for scuba diving, water skiing, or other activities involving high-speed water or shallow water diving. Before taking the product for a swim or getting wet, turn on the waterproof lock feature, do not press the adjustment button, and do not use it in a sauna or hot tub.