Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution line

Compared to other famous cosmetic brands, Charlotte Tilbury is still quite a new name for Vietnamese women.

Therefore, the attraction of this multi-purpose matte lipstick is not inferior to any high-class lipsticks.

The lipstick is reviewed by many people as very matte but smooth, silky and especially applied without drying because it contains antioxidant nutrients and sunscreen to help fully protect the lips.

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Thanks to the 3D formula design, the Matte Revolution line from Charlotte Tilbury brand allows women to apply it only on the lips or on the whole lips, bringing a full, shiny and seductive beauty.

Although it is a high-end line, this lipstick is not too expensive, only $25, or about VND 500,000.

Charlotte Tilbury is best known for its orange, ochre and deep tones. Therefore, it is a perfect fit for this year’s emerging trend of dark lip makeup.

Sexy girl Lily Maymac is a die-hard fan of this lipstick.

In addition, in Vietnam, a series of female stars also showed their Charlotte Tilbury lipstick, such as Diep Bao Ngoc, Linh Chi, Bao Anh…

Louboutin Velvet Matte Series

Since its launch in September 2016, the collection with 38 different lipstick colors from cosmetics brand Christian Louboutin has captivated Viet.

Although a Christian Louboutin lipstick has an extremely luxurious price – more than VND 2 million, the lipstick has a luxurious exterior design to a quality matte lipstick, so it has made many girls fall in love.

Its Christian Louboutin is considered perfect, inside and out.

The quality of the lipstick is undeniable, on the lips is very smooth and sleek, although it is a matte lipstick, it does not make the lips dry at all, when applied, the lipstick adheres perfectly to the lips without using a lip brush.

Before Louboutin’s flashy design and irresistible lipstick, a series of Vietnamese stars quickly owned one.

There has never been a lipstick capable of causing storms in Vietnam like Louboutin. There was a time when the facebook of sexy girls, the star was flooded with images of Christian Louboutin lipstick.

3CE x Lily Maymac

The launch of the 3CE x Lily Maymac lipstick line in late 2016 created a fever in the world of women’s beauty.

3CE stores in Korea were almost constantly out of stock of this lipstick line in the early days of its launch.

Until today, the 3CE x Lily Maymac lipstick has shown no signs of reducing its heat, still being chosen by many girls.

According to the feedback from many customers, the 3CE x Lily Maymac lipstick is very soft on the lips and is not powdery or sticky.

The color of the lipstick is standard from the first swipe and is not patchy. The finish gives a smooth matte finish without being too dry.

Chanel line Matte and Luminous Lipstick

Chanel has always been a symbol of timeless classic beauty, class and elegance.

Almost no one can resist a black gold plated Chanel lipstick, when applied to the lips it is very durable and soft.

Chanel has kept its classic lipstick style intact for many years and it is still on the list of best matte lipsticks.

Thanks to an innovative formula containing jojoba oil, when applied, the Luminous Matte Lip Color will provide a perfect layer of lipstick, making lips soft and velvety, stretchy and extremely youthful.

Chanel is the only lipstick brand to have a velvet effect that makes lips look fuller than other lines.

By applying Chanel matte lipstick, women don’t have to worry about dark lips, being chapped by the thick lipstick, and when swiped over the lips, even the wrinkles disappear completely, leaving only the secret lips. hidden, luscious as can be.

A Chanel lipstick costs between 35 and 36 dollars and when it comes to Vietnam, it is between 900,000 and 1,000,000 VND, quite expensive compared to the common man but compared to the quality it brings. reasonable.

Tom Ford Matte Lipstick

Women all over the world are always overcome by the delicate and luxurious look of Tom Ford lipstick. With a square, angular and very solid design, this “masculine” lipstick contains a very unique charm.

The Tom Ford son comes with a hefty price tag, but once owned, any girl must admit “whatever you pay”.

The matte lipstick when applied to the lips as a satin layer, soft and clump-free. After the application of lipstick, you can comfortably eat and drink even without worrying that the lipstick will fade.

When Christian Louboutin lipstick usurped the throne, Tom Ford was the most expensive lipstick in the world with a price of VND 1,500,000.

M.A.C Matte Series

As a matte lipstick line that is known as “the most matte of all matte lipsticks”, so if you like the sexy and luxurious look of lipsticks