Gucci is a fashion house that has launched countless beautiful women’s handbags. In it, there are legendary handbag models, making the world’s fashionistas fall in love. In this article, we will learn about the top 6 best priced Gucci women’s handbags.
Good price Gucci women’s handbags

Gucci is a famous fashion house with countless beautiful women’s handbags

Gucci is a famous fashion house with countless beautiful women’s handbags

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With a huge collection of handbags, Gucci is the name that many people often think of whenever they need to buy a designer handbag. Moreover, Gucci handbags not only have beautiful and trendy designs, are made of quality materials, but are also offered at an “uncomfortable” price.

Therefore, if you are buying Gucci handbags for women for the first time. If you are someone who is looking to save on the purchase costs, who wants to own a branded handbag at an affordable price, you should refer to the 6 best Gucci bags with good prices below. These handbags are all priced under $1,000. They have many different styles that you can choose from:

Ophidia GG Mini Bag for $720 USD

This women’s Gucci handbag made its debut in the Cruise 2018 collection. According to Gucci, the Ophidia print was launched to pay homage to Gucci’s classic designers.

In terms of design, the bag used GG coated fabric and red accents combined with green as per the 2018 trend. To distinguish the bag from other classic Gucci bags, you can focus on the symbol. icon on the product. This is a mark that was previously used exclusively for the Gucci Marmont line.

In terms of size, just like the name Ophidia GG Mini Bag, the bag is small in size, only 7.7 inches wide. The bag is a great choice for travel. It also has an easy to adjust strap for flexible variations for many different events. Also, thanks to the fabric coating made from high quality materials, it is less affected by the environment, so you can use the bag anywhere. It can be used in all weather conditions.

Gucci Eden Belt Bag 780 USD

Gucci’s Eden Belt Bag is designed with a classic Gucci Supreme canvas print. This belt bag features rubber hardware and a luxurious black leather finish. Also, the bag has a small size, only 9 inches and the nylon strap is easy to adjust. Therefore, it is suitable for many uses.

Another good thing about this Gucci handbag for women is that the product is gender neutral. Simply understand, whether you are a man or a woman. No matter what your style is, you can use this sexy bag from Gucci. In particular, even though it’s only 9 inches, the bag is still big enough for you to put all your daily essentials in. Plus, it’s sturdy enough to keep your hands free to lead an active and comfortable life.

GG Marmont 830 USD Mini Bag

The GG Marmont mini bag is considered one of the super products of the French fashion house. Because since its launch, the Gucci Marmont line has been selling very well. They have been loved in all markets. Proof that you can find these bags everywhere. From European countries to America to the fashion havens of Asia.

Specifically, the Gucci Marmont line, including the GG Marmont mini bag, was first introduced in 2016. But the touch to design this bag has been around for a long time. It is the popular belt buckles of the 1970s. In terms of materials, the bag was available in leather and canvas versions with the signature GG logo on the front flap. In particular, in the leather version of the bag, the manufacturer used the brand’s signature herringbone quilted leather and a heart-shaped cotton ceiling texture on the back.

In terms of size, the GG Marmont Mini Bag is the smallest bag in the Gucci Marmont line. The bag has dimensions of 4.1 x 6.5 inches to meet the essential needs of women. For example, you can store your phone, lipstick, keys or other small accessories in it. The bag also features two storage compartments and a stylish and convenient chain strap.

Dionysus GG Supreme Super Mini 860 USD

Just like the Gucci Marmont, the Gucci Dionysus line is also extremely popular. Especially because of its sturdy construction and the luxurious double tiger head buckle. It is the original idea of Alessandro Michele. It was first launched in 2015. Since then, Gucci Dionysus has held a special position in the global fashion industry. It is still the first choice of those who have a sophisticated and elegant fashion sense.

In terms of size, this Gucci handbag for women is only 6.2 inches long. It is suitable for holding phones, Airpods, lipsticks or small items. Also, because of its small, neat and fashionable size, the Dionysus GG Supreme Super Mini Bag is considered a great companion for any trip.