Men’s perfumes are like fashion. There are always new trends and trends, showing the modern, up-to-date and radical. At the same time, each different perfume scent will be suitable for different weather. And perfume is also a way to refresh yourself every day. Therefore, do not be afraid to change and experience the latest perfume bottles. Here are the top 13 best-selling men’s fragrances in Spring Summer 2020 compiled by Coolmate. Hope you will find a perfume bottle that you really like.

  1. Creed Himalaya

    Mua Nước Hoa Creed Himalaya EDP 100ml cho Nam, chính hãng Pháp, Giá tốt

Creed Himalaya is inspired by master perfumer Olivier Creed, who is also an intrepid adventurer conquering the majestic Himalayas. At the same time, Himalaya also depicts the beauty, majesty, strength and eternity of this snow-capped mountain region.

The opening is the freshness and explosion of citrus, grapefruit and mandarin aromas. Right after, the scent changes to the middle notes of the mysterious and irrefutable oriental group with juniper, nutmeg and pepper. And finally, calm and reliable with woody notes, associated with white musk, ambergris and tonka bean.

The design of the perfume bottle is as unique as its scent. The surface of the metal is bright white, like the snow that always covers the majestic and dangerous mountain peaks. Masculine, strong, with a bit of opulence and quiet confidence, so add a bit of adventure to your everyday Himalayan Creole life.

2. Dunhill Signature Collection Arabian Desert

The 2019 Dunhill Signature Collection Arabian Dessert fragrance for men has notes of pink pepper, rose and agarwood full of romance and passion. And gradually, you’ll experience the sweet, fresh scent of citrus that hides a feeling of sweetness, comfort and optimism. An exotic, luxurious and mysterious combination of oriental notes brings a passionate taste of warmth.

3. Issey Miyake L’Eau d’Issey pour Homme

Introduced in 1994, this fragrance belongs to the Wood – Ocean group. It is a special creation of perfumer Jacques Cavalier of Firmenich. Eau D’Issey uses a wide range of rare and unusual fragrances to create a scent that conveys an innate freedom and serenity.

The top notes are the presence of Yuzu fruit, bergamot, lemon and tarragon. The incense layer mixes pungent and woody notes of nutmeg and water lily. It is a rather unexpected combination that few perfumes have. The base notes carry intense woody scents of tobacco, sandalwood, cedar, vetiver and musk, creating a lively, full-bodied finish. The combination of these scents creates a truly great fragrance and is suitable for all day activities. And will definitely help men impress wherever they are.

4. Prada L’Homme Prada Water Splash

Prada L’homme Water Splash belongs to the group of woody fragrances launched in 2019 for men, enhanced by floral and citrus notes. And in 2020, this perfume bottle has not lost its warmth.

Designed by perfumer Daniela Andrier, this fresh and invigorating scent opens with neroli and mandarin leaves accompanied by cardamom, delivering a spicy and sweet taste. The heart note is a harmonious combination of the spicy flavor of ginger and the sweetness of iris. Finally, the fragrance closes with notes of cedar, amber and sandalwood, creating warmth, stability and reliability.

5. Dior Sauvage

Belonging to the group of bergamot, ambroxan and Sichuan pepper notes, Sauvage is the most popular and best-selling fragrance choice for men in the first half of 2020. Sauvage is powerful, classy and a special scent for the days. And the spring-summer night is sweet but still quite impressive.

François Demachy, the creator of Dior Sauvage, cleverly blends Bergamot and Ambroxan, creating a fresh blue sky. Add to that the strength, warmth and charisma of black pepper and cedar. And finally, add a bit of luxurious and romantic atmosphere of Lavender flowers. Surely, all eyes will only be on this Dior Sauvage.

6. Creed Aventus

No one can deny the attraction of this already famous perfume bottle. And in 2020, Crees Aventus continues to be one of the best selling perfumes. The price of the perfume bottles may not suit many people, but you’ll find the investment worth it for Aventus.

The most special thing about Creed Aventus is the bold combination of a sweet, slightly pungent pineapple and a mysterious but subtle smoke. The smoky note of Aventus is the result of a combination of musk, ambergris and oak moss. In addition, vanilla and floral aromas add a sweet aftertaste to the pineapple flavor. All of them blend together to create a smoked pineapple scent full of emotions, attraction and vibrations. This specialty scent creates the image of a man who is confident and strong but also full of sweetness, romance and courtesy.

7. Chanel Blue

It’s no surprise that Bleu de Chanel is on this list. Jacques Polge has created a great product with a strong, masculine and seductive taste, and it’s a great choice for men who want to show their class.