Black Rouge Mousse Blending is a creamy lipstick that was born based on the inspiration of Sweet cotton candy. High-end lipstick looks extremely eye-catching when possessing a feminine pink outer shell that is enough to stun every girl at first sight. It can be said that this is an extremely luxurious lipstick that every woman wants to own in her handbag compartment.

In addition to the luxurious design, the plus point for the Black Rouge Mousse Blending lipstick line is also in the smooth cream, easy to spread and not sticky. The top Finish layer has good grip to give the lips a plump beauty and does not reveal your lip prints.

Review Son Black Rouge Ver 1 & Chi Tiết Bảng Màu Từ A01 - A07


The product line is produced with a rich palette of 5 different shades, suitable for many makeup styles. Which includes:

Color S01 Rosy Cinnamon – Warm peachy pink for teenage girls who love lightness and youthful beauty. The product is extremely pigmented when used on medium to light skin tones. But you should note that the peach color is often a bit fussy on tooth enamel.

Color S02 Sweet Tangerine – Orange red exudes a youthful, vibrant look for girls with character. Orange-red lipstick is suitable for those with light skin tones and white enamel.

S03 Classic Beige – Orange and red is a lipstick color that has a harmonious combination of brown orange tones and strong red tones. The red and earthy orange lipstick is not picky when it comes to skin tones, it is suitable for both dark and light skin types.

S04 Cherry Berry – Purple is a lipstick that features a perfect blend of pink and purple with a touch of ochre. The product is very popular with cake girls who are looking for a princess style. But this lipstick color is a bit picky about skin tones, so it’s only suitable for girls with fair complexions.

S05 Milky Latte – The reddish-brown lipstick is the last lipstick color in the list of color palettes in the Black Rouge Mousse Blending lipstick line. The reddish-brown lipstick is quite flattering on the skin and makes the user feel as if her teeth are bright white. The product does not catch users to help the face become bright and attractive.

Black Rouge Air Fit Velvet Tint

Black Rouge Air Fit Velvet Tint comes in a cardboard box with a white lid that allows you to see the red lipstick inside. The square design of the lipstick box helps the product look luxurious, delicate and angular.

When it comes to the cream, it must be said that it is a creamy and thick lipstick but extremely soft and easy to stick on the lips. When applying the lipstick to thin skin, I did not encounter the clumping phenomenon resulting in a loss of aesthetics for the user. The topcoat is powder-free, does not dry out the lips, does not reveal lip prints for up to 8 hours of color adhesion.

It is known that the Black Rouge Air Fit Velvet Tint lipstick line has a diverse color palette but always takes red as the main color. Memorable lipstick shades for women include:

Color A01 Strawberry Red – Strawberry red brings the bright, dazzling beauty of ripe berries. The lipstick has a sheer red color that doesn’t differentiate between skin tones, so it’s suitable for many makeup styles, from soft to seductive.

Color A02 Dry Rose – Dry Rose Petal Lipstick is essentially an earthy red but with more red undertones. Dry rose petal red lipstick is often used for natural makeup. This lipstick is suitable to be applied on the lips when you go to school or work.

Color A03 Soft Red – Orangey red aka brick red. The lipstick color is the perfect combination of red tones and redder orange tones. The orange-red lipstick helps the skin to become luminous, so that women always look radiant and beautiful.

Color A04 Raspberry Syrup – Deep red with a deep red tone but with a little orange-pink color. For those with dark skin, a dark red lipstick is the perfect choice.

Color A05 Marmalade – Warm Orange Red is a warm red color with more orange tones than red. When applied to the lips, the lipstick looks like a very youthful and fresh coral orange color. But this lipstick only enhances the faces of girls with white enamel.

Color A06 Brick Red – Brick Red is a combination of strong red and neutral dark brown. The lipstick color that is more red is the preferred choice for girls who prefer deep tones but need to keep it fresh when applied to the lips.

A07 Pure Crimson – Peachy red lipstick is one of the three new lipstick colors that have been launched recently. Peachy red lipstick is suitable for princesses who like to dream and like to apply lipstick to the heart of the lips. In the case of women who apply the lipstick all over their lips, you will have a beauty full of energy by the freshness that the product brings.