Chung cake, Tet cake

This is an indispensable dish in the Tet holiday of Vietnamese people. But do you know how many calories in each piece of banh chung, banh tet? One banh chung is equivalent to 2000 calories. To consume all the calories from banh chung, banh tet you need to run for 3.5 hours. Too much starch in sticky rice will turn into glucose and glucose. This amount of sugar, if left to accumulate for a long time, will form adipose tissue and the results need not be said, you understand that.

Braised meat with eggs

Mâm cỗ ngày Tết cổ truyền của người Việt có gì đặc biệt?

Braised egg meat is also an indispensable traditional dish in the traditional Tet holiday of the Vietnamese people. The ingredients of the egg stew are mainly pork belly and duck eggs. Bacon only has to have a lot of fat to be delicious. So how many calories are in egg stew? A bowl of braised meat and eggs is already 600 calories. To release these calories, you need to swim for 1 hour continuously.

Spring rolls / spring rolls

This fried spring rolls / spring rolls is a favorite dish of many people from adults to children. During Tet, almost every house has this dish. The appeal of spring rolls/fried spring rolls from the form to the taste and even the crispy sound. Just thinking about it makes you “stimulated” right away. But just 5 fried spring rolls is enough 750 calories and you have to do 70 squats to “release” these calories.

Spring rolls/fried spring rolls is equivalent to 750 calories

Spring rolls/fried spring rolls is equivalent to 750 calories

Spring rolls / spring rolls / fried spring rolls

Another favorite dish during Tet is spring rolls. Spring rolls, stir-fried pork rolls, flower spring rolls, Hue spring rolls, beef rolls… are all irresistible delicacies on Tet holiday. Before enjoying these dishes, remember, every 100g of these spring rolls corresponds to 600 calories loaded into the body. So multiply by the amount you eat.

Frozen meat

Frozen meat is a popular dish in the northern region. The dish is made with pig’s feet, ears and skin. Frozen meat contains a lot of protein and fat, so it is easy to gain weight if you eat a lot during Tet. If you eat a lot of frozen meat during Tet, you will clearly feel the weight gain of your body in a short time.

Sausage, beef jerky

Sausages, beef jerky contain a lot of protein and fat, especially saturated fatty acids, which are easy to cause obesity and diabetes for users. There are 604 calories in 100g of sausage. This is a significant source of energy that contributes to weight gain during Tet.

Chicken vermicelli

A bowl of chicken vermicelli with irresistible aroma will put 623 calories in your body. These calories will cost you 90 minutes of aerobic exercise to release.

Bamboo shoots with pork feet soup

A bowl of bamboo shoots and pork leg soup, a small bowl, and you’ve loaded up with 1000 calories. Try to curb your cravings with these delicious dishes. If you want to “burn” all these calories, it takes 30 minutes of burpees.