How much is Chanel Coco perfume? Have you ever passed by a stranger but you were attached by their scent? Especially women. Perfume is just an invisible jewelry for women, but it is indispensable when going out. One of the perfume lines that have all the elements I want to introduce to you in this article is Chanel Coco. If Chanel No5 made the fashion world crazy in the 20th century. Coco Chanel is the alternative version in this 21st century. So how much does Chanel Coco perfume cost? Is it as expensive as rumored? Please read the article to get your answer! A few things to know about Chanel Coco perfume line

About Chanel perfume brand

Chanel is known as the “golden brand in the world” fashion world for a long time. This giant was founded in 1909 by the famous designer Gabrielle Chanel in France. After more than 100 years of establishment and development, Chanel is known as the “fashion icon” of France. Being the “godfather” in the world fashion industry with the most luxurious, classy and luxurious costume designs in the world.


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Some of Chanel’s outstanding products – Chanel Coco perfume

Chanel prides itself on having the essence of fashion from the last era. As a result, the designs of this fashion house often have their own unique color. It is extremely luxurious, sophisticated, special and never goes out of fashion. With its luxurious and high-end brand, Chanel has always been the first choice of world-famous celebrities.

What year was Chanel Coco first created?

When it comes to perfumes, especially scents originating from romantic France, the name Chanel cannot be left out. And one of Chanel’s most successful fragrance lines for women is Coco Chanel.

It was first released in the 1980s. After almost 40 years of existence in the perfume market. Chanel Coco has always held a certain irreplaceable position in the hearts of its fans. So far, the Chanel Coco line has been quite extensive, with many different styles and scents. However, in this post, I will be introducing 3 of the most popular fragrances, so stay tuned!

What is the price of Chanel Coco perfume? Is it really expensive?

How much does Chanel Coco perfume cost?

Of course, many people here will have the same question, that is, is Chanel Coco perfume expensive or not? Well, I would like to answer that it is not expensive! Although it belongs to the high-end perfume. Although it belongs to the high-end perfume segment, its price is only in the mid-range. Depending on the specific scent and different sizes, Chanel Coco perfume will cost between VND2,300,000 and VND3,950,000. In my personal opinion, this price is totally worth it for a superb product from Chanel’s premium brand.

Chanel Coco EDP Perfume

Chanel Coco EDP perfume is the original version of the later Chanel Coco products. As we all know, until now, Coco Chanel has 5 different scents. But this one is the original version that was released to the public in 1984. And until today, Chanel Coco EDP is still one of Chanel’s best-selling perfume bottles in the world. So, what is so special about this perfume that it has achieved such impressive success?

The first thing that attracted me was its design. The girl looks quite similar to Chanel No5 and Coco Mademoiselle. Very elegant and classic. But that’s still not enough, what determines the success of this perfume is its scent. Made from a blend of ingredients including flowers, herbs, fruits, woods and spices. Chanel Coco EDP brings a luxurious and seductive oriental “feminine” scent. And this “super product” has the power to captivate all hearts. Let all the senses speak with its fatal attraction.


Chanel-Coco EDP Perfume Price

Because this perfume is a bit “old”, I recommend it for any woman over 15 years old. With an 8-12 hour fragrance storage capacity, the best time to use it is fall and winter. She notes.

Chanel Coco EDP Perfume 35ml. 2,050,000 VND

Chanel Coco EDP Perfume 50 ml. 2,750,000 VND

Chanel Coco perfume 100 ml. 3,550,000 VND

Chanel Coco EDT . Perfume

A younger, lighter version of Chanel Coco perfume is Chanel Coco EDT. if you are a follower of this perfume line. But still “hesitant” about the original version because it is a bit “slow”, this is the solution.

Chanel Coco – 3

Chanel Coco EDT . Perfume

Still a perfume prepared under the magical hands of Jacques Polge, Chanel Coco EDT belongs to the oriental group with a spicy but very feminine and youthful scent. The simplicity of the design is also a way to highlight the scent inside. It opens with a complex blend of fruity, floral and coriander scents. But when I smelled it, I felt very comfortable and extremely fresh. By the middle note is the bloom of the flower garden. The essence of jasmine stands out in the scent of ylang-ylang and orange blossom. Sexy, but still full of sweetness and youthfulness.

To fully promote its ability to last up to 6 hours, I recommend her to use it in the fall and winter. She can use it at any time, whether at work or on the go.

Chanel Coco EDT Perfume 50ml. 2,250,000 VND

Chanel Coco EDT Perfume 100 ml. 2,890,000 VND

Chanel Coco Noir Perfume

Chanel Coco Noir perfume was launched in 2012 and prepared by two perfumers, Jacques Polge and Christopher Cheldrake. This fragrance belongs to the oriental woody perfume group and is a passionate, mysterious version of the personality girl.

Chanel – Coco – 4

Chanel Coco Black Perfume

A common denominator throughout the Chanel Coco collection, Coco Noir is a blend of many floral, fruity and woody notes. Create a mysterious scent that stimulates the curiosity of your opponents. Make it impossible for them to forget your figure, even though they only caught a glimpse of each other once. Dressed in a mysterious black shirt, Coco Noir exudes the aura of a strong, powerful and highly individual woman. Not as gentle and sexy as the original. Chanel Noir is a proud, independent girl in a black leather jacket riding on a classic large displacement that many men can’t help but look back at.