Although we hear a lot about SSD hard drives, not everyone knows what M2 Sata SSD is, how many types of SSD M2 Sata?. By learning the information through our following article, it will help you understand what the M2 SSD standard is, to gain more knowledge about your own hard drive, to support when you want to change the hard drive.
So, what is an M2 Sata SSD?

As mentioned above, the SSD M2 Sata (SSD M2 NGFF), this is a compact, rod-shaped hard drive that saves space inside the computer. SSD M2 Sata has the same speed as the normal Sata iii SSD standard, the highlight of SSD M2 is that we do not need a power supply cord and also do not need to buy a bay Caddy to attach to a DVD drive to use 2 HDDs. and SSDs in parallel.

SSD M2 series is a higher version of the traditional SATA interface SSD. Developed to continue the success of the first SSD series. But it is classified into SATA standard M2 SSD and PCIe standard M2 SSD. So how are these two different?
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Phân Biệt Ổ Cứng SSD M.2, SATA Và PCIe

Born around August 2014, SSD M2 with a completely different interface compared to conventional SSD hard drives. The size of the SSD M2 is also compact, so it can be used for even thin and light computers.
How many types of M2 Standard SSDs are there?

– SSD M2 SATA with a standard SSD transfer rate of 550 MB/s.

– SSD M2 PCIE, this is the highest standard of transfer speed when its speed can be up to 3500MB/s.

Distinguish SSD hard drive standards M2 Sata

Once you have an understanding of what the M2 Sata SSD is, the next thing you need to know is that on the market today, the M2 Sata SSD is divided into three main types.

There are several types of M2 sata SSDs: M2 Sata SSDs have mainly 3 standards: 2242, 2260 and 2280. There are quite a few different sizes, but they only differ in length, and the width is the same. In it, you can see that the 22 prefix is ​​22mm = width. The back part is the length: 42mm, 60mm, 80mm. The common and popular type on the market today is the 2280, while other types are both difficult to find, few manufacturers, but the price is higher than the sata iii SSD of the same capacity.

The M2 SATA SSD has a SATA 3 pin so that users can attach it to the right place of a regular hard drive. But in terms of speed, the M2 SATA SSD is limited to a low 6Gbps, while the M2 PCIe SSD has a high limit of up to 32 Gbps.
For desktop computers, you don’t need to worry too much about the M2 Sata SSD standard, because its speed is only equal to that of a regular Sata iii SSD, but the desktop is very spacious inside, so there is no need to save money. area. If so, only interested in the M2 PCI Express standard because SSD speeds can be up to over 3000 Mb/s. You can experience SSD M2 PCIe through an SSD M2 NVMe To PCIe 3.0 x 4 Adapter.
Conversion adapters

But for users who only use laptops, it is a completely different matter. In case if the computer does not have an SSD M2 slot, if you want to use both HDD and SSD at the same time, the only way is to use a standard 2.5-inch SSD mounted in the position of the DVD drive through a flying Caddy. That means you have to get rid of the DVD drive.

In terms of size, SSD M2 Sata (NGFF) and SSD M2 PCIe both use the 2280 standard. However, compared to speed, it is a different story. SSD M2 Sata has a maximum speed of only 550 Mb / s, while PCIe SSD has a maximum speed of 3500 Mb / s.