With just a curling iron, girls can transform themselves by creating many curly hairstyles that suit their face. However, how to choose a quality curling iron so that your hair is not damaged when used for a long time? Check out the tips below.
Brief about the curling iron

Hair curler English name is hair curler, also known by many other names as hair curler or electric comb. This is a device that helps you create curls or waves quickly.

The main use of a curling iron is to curl the hair. However, nowadays most curling irons are equipped with many other diverse functions such as pressing, pressing, puffing, etc. to serve the beauty needs of women.

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Hair curlers usually have a structure consisting of 2 main parts, a handle and a drinking part. Crimping units range in size from 2 to 5 inches.

The curling unit is usually divided into two types: the small part (used to create spirals or curls, and the large curler used to shape the hair’s shape).
Classification of curling irons

1. Mini curling iron

Also known as a pocket curling iron, a mini curling iron has a compact, simple design that is easy to hold and easy to use. You can easily carry it when you go out, travel or go on a business trip.

The advantage of this machine is that it can heat up quickly, the contact surfaces are usually made of high-quality materials that are compatible with the hair, causing less damage to the hair when used.

This type of machine has a cheap price (from a few tens to several hundred thousand dong such as moji hair curler, Koria hair curler, …). However, in terms of durability and functional diversity, it is not as appreciated as the rest of the lines.

2. Curl curler

As the name suggests, this type of curling iron will help you create large curls in the body and tail, helping to create a feeling of even and thick hair, creating a stylish look and hiding the defects on the top. your face.
With this type of curling iron, the curl style will depend entirely on the size of the curling iron. There are 5 types of curling shafts: small and close curls, medium curls, medium curls, and classic curls.

The price of this machine is quite diverse, ranging from a few hundred to more than 1 million dong. However, with this model, if you want your hair to be kept for a long time, you need the help of a curling iron.

3. Wavy curler

The wavy hair curler has a 2-part structure: The upper part is a tube with 3-5 tubes attached to each other to create pressure, the lower part is shaped like a corrugated iron. These two parts, when combined, will create bouncy, shiny curls.

With this type of machine, the number of tubes will be proportional to the bending speed. That is, the more tubes, the faster the curling operation will be. It only takes 10-15 minutes to have a modern, wavy hair.

4. Multi-function hair curler

As the name suggests, the versatile hair curler integrates many different functions such as pressing, straightening, pressing, ruffled … It can be said that this is the most modern line of hair curlers today with 2 in 1, 3 features. print 1 even 4 in 1.

The popular design of this machine is a round shaft body, equipped with extra serrations around so you can use it as a comb when curling.

Many people often wonder that “is the 3in1 sonar hair machine good”. It can be said that this is a hair product that is popular with many women because of its convenience, being able to do many regular hairstyles without too many different equipment.

5. Hair curler setting

The uon toc setting machine is a professional hairdressing product commonly used in large salons. This type of machine has a different structure compared to the machines we have just introduced above.
What are the pros and cons of curling irons?

1. Advantages

Save money because a normal curling iron only costs a few hundred thousand dong, you don’t have to spend too much money when you have to go to the salon every time you want to style.

You also do not have to spend too much time sitting at the salon to own a curled hair

Manual curling and no chemicals are used, making your hair and scalp safer

You can flexibly change your hairstyle often to become more stylish

2. Cons

The biggest disadvantage of a curling iron is that if you use it too much for a long time, your hair will be easily weakened and damaged such as fiber, shedding, breaking, etc. In addition, some types of curling irons are cheap and poor quality. quantity will not give you the desired effect.

In addition, unlike hair straighteners that can both straighten and curl, with ordinary curlers, they can only perform one curling function.

When buying a curling iron, what criteria should you pay attention to?

It is not difficult to buy a curling iron. However, to buy quality products, you should pay attention to the following issues:
1. Determine the purpose of buying

Determining the purpose of buying means determining what the curling iron you are about to buy will be used for.

If you do salon services or make up hair, you should choose those with large sizes, high durability and slightly higher cost than conventional ones.

If you buy for personal use, you should choose mini curlers, multi-function curlers or straighteners that can curl your hair with a straightener.
In addition, you need to further determine what hairstyle you are trying to do with ruffles, waves or big curls, etc. to choose the right curling part.

2. Choose the right machine size

The size of the machine will depend on the length, short or less, more of the hair. You should choose the type of bending machine with the machine version size from 3 to 4cm and the length of the machine version over 10cm. This is the standard size to make it more convenient for you to hold the device when curling your hair.

If the size of the device is too big or too small for your hair, you will have a hard time using it.
3. Material of the curling iron

A few popular curling iron materials are:

Ceramic (ceramic): This material helps to distribute heat quite well, helping the hair to avoid unwanted damage. Some modern machines are equipped with the ability to transfer ions to add a shiny effect to the hair.

Tourmaline: The advantage of this material is that it emits a very large amount of ions (6 times higher than normal) to help the hair’s natural shine without damaging the hair.

Titanium: This material will help you solve problems such as breakage and hair loss like traditional curlers often bring. In addition, the ability to distribute heat and create smoothness is also one of the strong points of this material.

Of the three materials above, ceramic is the most commonly used and preferred material today because it is the main ingredient that helps keep hair shiny and tangle-free.