For some people who are not in the industry, it is too difficult to distinguish and understand the air conditioning system, isn’t it?. In this article, VIDIC would like to share with you useful information about basic air conditioning systems. Invite interested readers to consult.
The air conditioning system includes:

The air conditioning system is very diverse and of many types, depending on the specific requirements, the designer can choose an air conditioning system to ensure the technical requirements and ensure the economy of investment capital. operating costs. Below is the basic air conditioning system that VIDIC specializes in construction and installation such as:

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Central Air Conditioning

Handicapped Air Conditioner

Wall-mounted air conditioners

Ceiling-mounted air conditioners

Freestanding air conditioner

1. Central air conditioner


A central air conditioning system consists of one or more central machines that are combined to form an overall cooling distribution system for all areas within a building. Water is used as the refrigerant to cool the air through the ductwork to the heat exchangers.

Make a classification.

A central air conditioning system consists of the following major components.

Central air conditioning (CHILLER)

Heat exchangers (FAN COIL UNITs – FCU)

Central air conditioning VRF and VRV

Cooling towers and pumps

Ductwork and chilled water pumps

Cold air distribution ductwork

Electrical control systems

Advantages of the system’s operation

During operation, the air conditioner operates stably because the water cooling system is less affected by the outside temperature.

Low power consumption and good adjustment of system capacity. High durability and long service life (more than 15 years)

With a wide range of capacities to choose from, it is possible to select a machine suitable for every type of design project and to easily invest in system expansion.

2. Mutil . Air conditioner


A multi-connected air conditioner is actually an air conditioner that consists of 1 outdoor unit combined with many indoor units. Each indoor unit component is called a system. Usually the system is operated independently. Each indoor unit operates independently of the other indoor units. Combination air conditioners can have different types of indoor units (wall-mounted indoor units, box indoor units, ducted indoor units, etc.).


Mutil indoor units. the latest indoor units of Multi DaiKin air conditioners run smoothly. By simply pressing the fan speed button on the remote control, the noise of the indoor unit can be reduced by 2 or 3 decibels by adjusting the fan speed, rotation angle, and length speed.

Mutil Stamping. The outdoor unit is treated with special anti-corrosion treatment, so it is 5 to 6 times stronger than ordinary outdoor units against corrosion caused by acid rain and salt.

Advantages of the air conditioner

Compact design, does not take up installation space

Mutil air conditioning systems use only one outdoor unit, so installation does not take much time. It also does not take up much space and is suitable for any space.

Energy efficient

The mechanical cooling capacity of the Mutil air conditioner comes from one outdoor unit, so the unit is more energy efficient than other conventional air conditioners.

Intelligent functions

The air conditioning line with Multi Inverter technology senses changes in outside temperature to adjust the room temperature accordingly, creating a comfortable feeling for the user and avoiding thermal shock caused by temperature changes. Sudden changes in temperature difference.

Energy efficient

The mechanical cooling capacity of Mutil air conditioner comes from the outdoor unit, which is more energy-efficient than other conventional air conditioners in comparison.

Intelligent Function

Adopting a multi-connected inverter air conditioning line, it can sense changes in external temperature and adjust the indoor temperature accordingly, creating a comfortable feeling for users and avoiding thermal shock caused by temperature changes. Sudden changes in temperature difference.

For a convenient and easy to install location with real furniture and interior layout of the home, adding beauty and comfort to the space with a modern feel.

Ideal for saving space as wall-mounted air conditioners are designed to be hung high and fixed to the wall, but still ensure certainty and the ability to distribute air evenly and spread it throughout the room.

Wall-mounted air conditioners run smoothly and without noise, making many users trust and enjoy using them.

Wall-mounted air conditioners are inexpensive home air conditioners that are available in many different prices and capacities to meet the needs of customers.

4. Ducted Ceiling Air Conditioner


Ducted ceiling air conditioners are air conditioners that blow cold air through ducts and are installed on or hidden in the ceiling so that the unit is not exposed.


Outdoor unit

The outdoor unit of ceiling air conditioner is connected to the air duct and compressor capacity to create a room cooling capacity of 16,000 BTU or more for large room spaces.


The indoor unit of a ducted ceiling air conditioner will work similarly to other air conditioners. However, the outlet air (the air being cooled) has multiple outlets at the same time, each of which will be connected to a duct, so the user can distribute the air to different points in the system. Home.

Advantages of air conditioning

Saves room space due to the design that utilizes excess space.

Easy to install and highly aesthetic because the duct shafts are hidden and the air conditioner rig is embedded in the wall.

Very quiet operation, no noise is generated during use

Stable operation and little damage.

Very quiet operation, no noise is generated during use

Air conditioning capacity for large spaces or many small rooms placed side-by-side

This type of air conditioner connects many ventilation ducts, which helps to load cold air in a large space and emits a colder and stronger airflow than conventional air conditioners.

Freestanding air conditioner


A freestanding air conditioner is a cabinet type air conditioner with a large capacity for offices, restaurants or family apartments with large room sizes. The machines come from leading brands such as. Daikin, Panasonic, Media,…

Advantages of vertical cabinet air conditioners

Refrigerator air conditioners have a fast cooling function, making the room temperature about 1.5 times faster than other traditional air conditioners.

Stable operation, continuous operation, and high load capacity make it suitable for crowded places. Meanwhile, the convective airflow blown out is stronger than that of wall-mounted air conditioners.

Easy to install and aesthetically pleasing because the pipes can be hidden and placed low to the floor when connected to the outdoor unit outside.

Capable of cooling rooms with large spaces, the amount of cool air is more uniform than wall-mounted machines.

Users can move the machine to any location in the house and the technician only needs to adjust the ducts leading to the outdoor unit.

These are the information that VIDIC shares with our readers about air conditioning systems. We look forward to serving you. If you are looking for a reputable professional contractor to build and install your air conditioning system, VIDIC is a good choice. With years of experience in the market, VIDIC specializes in the construction of air conditioning systems, central refrigeration systems, installation, maintenance and repair of central refrigeration systems…