Domestic or domestic geese are geese that are domesticated and raised as poultry for meat, eggs and feathers. In addition, people also raise them to keep the house and guard quite effectively. They have been domesticated in Europe, North Africa and Asia. European domestic geese are domesticated from gray geese and Asian domestic geese and several African domestic geese are descended from swan geese.

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Goose is a bird that has been domesticated by humans for a long time and has become a domesticated bird quite a lot today. There are many species of geese, and each region has a different breed of geese that is domesticated. For example, in Europe people domesticated gray geese, while in Asia people domesticated swan geese, etc.

Geese are classified into many different breeds such as: Hungarian Goose, Reiland geese, grass geese, gray geese and Chinese geese. Each species of geese has different characteristics and shapes depending on the environment and climate in which they live.

The common feature of geese is that they are large in size and look quite similar to swans from afar. Especially the swan geese have a white color. In terms of shape, the goose has a large body, a small head, a long and quite thin neck.

On average, a female goose weighs about 3 – 4.5 kg and each year they can lay 20-35 eggs, males have an average weight of 4 – 4.5 kg.

Geese are very easy animals to raise because they are not picky eaters like many other poultry species and especially they are also very fast growing.

Geese are known as lawn mowers because they have the ability to eat grass stronger than cows. Whether young grass or old grass they eat very well and they also eat grass roots.

This is a bird that has the ability to gain weight very strongly if they are guaranteed food and space to work.

On average, from 10-11 weeks, geese can reach a weight 40-45 times larger than their body weight at hatching. Therefore, they are considered as poultry species that bring high economic efficiency to farmers.

It is known that geese are also very good housekeepers, because they are very aggressive. When they notice the presence of strangers around their territory, they will chase and attack until the stranger runs away.

Goose is a rather voracious poultry, the foods used in raising geese include green food such as vegetables, duckweed, grass, tubers, and fruits. Ask to eat seeds such as corn, rice, soybeans, groundnuts, food supplemented with minerals. Goose makes good and very effective use of green food such as vegetable leaves, duckweed, grasses. In geese farming, green forage accounts for 30-40% of the daily feed intake. In addition, in green food, there are some tubers such as sweet potatoes, peeled cassava and pumpkin. Grain feed consisting of maize is widely used in the fattening stage. Paddy is a part of food used in raising geese, soybeans, peanuts or goose nuts make good use of the peanuts, both shelled and scattered in the field after harvest. Rice bran can be cooked or mixed with green vegetables.