With a smooth, succulent appearance, crispy inside, rich in nutrients, crab claws deserve to be the most delicious salad. What’s better than owning it right in the house so that it’s convenient for your family to change the taste for more attractive family meals.

So delicious, is it really that simple to grow and care for crab vegetables? Let’s find out with City Agriculture now!

1. Do you know the outstanding features of Crab vegetables?

Crab crab vegetables are also known by many names such as pepper vegetables, single needles, single stings, buttons, acupuncture herbs, like acupuncture, little devil acupuncture … the scientific name is Peperomia pellucida, belonging to the Pepper family (Piperaceae). This is a vegetable derived from wild vegetables, grows in many places, lives within a year, distributed mainly in areas with tropical climates.

Crab claw is a herbaceous plant, usually spreading when mature, the average height is about 20 – 30cm. The stem is small and smooth, pale green, very succulent. Vegetables, when eaten raw, are a bit sour, delicious, and have a very strange taste, especially containing extremely high nutritional content.

You may not know that in addition to being a food, spinach is also known for its many therapeutic effects. In oriental medicine, it is believed that the bitter gourd is bitter, so it is a plant that has the effect of clearing heat, detoxifying, leprosy, activating blood, dissolving blood stasis.

Not only that, a study also showed that a combination of Crabchinensis extract combined with the drug Ibuprofen can significantly improve the symptoms of arthritis, especially the symptoms related to knee arthritis which has the potential to speed up the healing of injuries such as fractures. This is a special thing that this golden food brings to your health. According to the researchers, they have isolated compounds from the spinach and found that the vegetable has an inhibitory effect on the growth of some cancer cells.

Rau Càng Cua – Loại rau mang tên thần dược chữa bách bệnh

This shows the potential of this vegetable in the preparation of cancer drugs. So to prevent this evil disease, it is not a bad idea to add crabs to your family’s diet. First you need to prepare a foam box, especially with a drainage hole, but if you do not have a foam box or want to increase the aesthetics of your garden, you can choose to buy fully designed vegetable trays. drainage holes, or wall-mounted pots, balconies are extremely convenient.

And there is one thing you may not know that crab claws are a moisture-loving plant, so you can combine crab claws in bonsai pots. Then you can both save