Christmas is mainly known in Western countries because they follow Christianity. Christmas is the anniversary of the birth of Jesus Christ, so for the West this is a very big festival. Westerners spend all their free time cleaning, decorating, and preparing for a peaceful and warm Christmas.

Christmas in Vietnam in recent years has become very popular. Almost Christmas has become a public holiday, not a holiday reserved for Christians. So “how is Christmas in Vietnam?”

Time of Christmas holidays

In the past, according to the Jewish calendar, the beginning of a day was counted as sunset, not midnight, so Christmas is officially celebrated on December 25 but is often celebrated. from the evening of December 24.

Lịch sử lễ giáng sinh bắt nguồn từ đâu và ý nghĩa là gì?

That is why every year Christmas is celebrated from the night of December 24 to the end of December 25.

And the official Christmas celebration on December 25 is called “the main day”, and the night of December 24 is called “the vigil”.

On the night of December 24, all places such as churches or every household decorate the cave with a manger, inside there is a statue of the Child Jesus, the statue of the Virgin Mary. Around there are donkeys, statues of the Three Kings, some angels, Saint Jesus…

However, the “village” on the night of December 24 usually attracts more attendees than the “main day ceremony” on December 25.

Activities taking place on Christmas Day in Vietnam

In Vietnam on Christmas, people often give each other Christmas gifts, especially young couples, often give each other gifts on Christmas and give each other sweet wishes, besides that, on Christmas Eve. On this day, children often receive gifts from Santa Claus.

Santa Claus gives a gift to a child

Christmas in Vietnam is the same as abroad in terms of symbols such as decorating Christmas trees, wreaths of leaves of Advent, etc. In every family, everyone focuses on home decoration to bring the whole atmosphere. Christmas in the house. The places that people pay attention to are the doors, windows, dining tables, etc., which are decorated very beautifully, with a strong Christmas atmosphere.

Especially in companies, private organizations, shops, supermarkets, they all decorate themselves with a Christmas tree so that it is the most beautiful and brilliant with decorative items such as bells, brilliant ribbons, etc. socks, gift boxes. Although they are artificial pine trees, they also contribute to creating a Christmas atmosphere everywhere

At Christmas in Vietnam, everyone will go to church together. At the Church, there will be activities such as singing hymns together and praying for a peaceful, warm Christmas season and a new year filled with laughter – happiness. Going to church together to celebrate Christmas will help the family atmosphere become more reunited and connected