Motorcycle oil change time depends on the number of kilometers, weather conditions, environment, usage level and quality of engine oil.

Motorcycle lubricant experts recommend that, after the first 1,000 km, it is necessary to change the oil.

After that, the reasonable time to change motorcycle oil is after the vehicle has run 2,000 km for new motorbikes and from 1,000 km – 1,500 km for old cars.

However, this time may be shortened depending on the life of the vehicle and the environment in which it is used.

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Especially for scooters, there are two kinds of oil, engine oil and lubricant (transmission oil). As a rule of thumb, the engine oil should be changed 3 times and the tire oil should be changed once.

In Vietnam, due to the poor road conditions, car manufacturers recommend that you change the oil regularly according to the maintenance schedule in the owner’s manual for each type of vehicle.

Before changing the oil, let the engine stop for 30 to 60 minutes and open the dipstick with a pair of pliers.

If the dipstick is not wet, it is under the ink mark marked with an X, meaning the oil has run out.

If the consistency is still light yellow, diluted and slowly expanding, it can still be used.

If the oil is dark gray in color and thins quickly, it must be replaced immediately.

Old oil contains many impurities and metal shavings that can damage the engine, so it needs to be cleaned.

It is necessary to tilt the car so that the remaining oil in the engine parts is completely drained out, and then spray the engine block with a steam pipe to make the oil flow out cleanly.

Choose the right oil according to the capacity of the vehicle

Motorcycle lubricants are produced in 0.7-liter, 0.8-liter and 1-liter cases to match the capacity requirements of many different engines.

Therefore, experts recommend that when changing the oil, users should choose the right type to avoid too much or not enough oil. This is because cars with too much oil will burden the engine and make it hotter, while cars with too little oil will lack lubrication and the oil will foam, heating up the engine and causing a lot of wear. Also, check the label and seal of the lubricant

New viscous containers must have two seals: a plastic cap and a sealing film that covers the mouth of the bottle. Users should be aware of this issue and double-check the seal before asking staff to pour the oil into the vehicle.

In particular, you need to know how to buy motorcycle oil from a reputable and genuine store to avoid buying fake products.

Motor oil is a protective layer that helps increase the life of the engine and is an integral part of the motorcycle. Most manufacturers specify lubricants specifically for transmissions and scooters. To differentiate between lubricants, manufacturers divide them into 2 types: single grade and multigrade oils, according to the SAE standards in the United States. In particular, single-stage oils can only meet the necessary viscosity at a certain temperature, while multigrade oils have the flexibility to maintain viscosity at many different temperatures.

The main function of motorcycle oil.

– Lubrication of the engine.

– Engine cooling.

– Seals the openings in the engine.

– Cleans the internal parts of the engine.

– Prevents rust.

How often should I change the engine oil?

In Vietnam, the periodicity of regular oil changes for motorcycles depends on many factors such as new or old bike, usage level, speed, normal load, environment, etc. Usually, the oil needs to be changed after the first 1,000 kilometers and after every 4,000 kilometers.

For vehicles used regularly for about 1,000 km per month, more frequent oil changes are required. However, for newer vehicles, the sooner the oil is changed after the first 500 kilometers of rotor operation, the better.

Some experts at repair and maintenance centers say that motorcycles need oil changes every 1,500-2,000 km. For scooters, there are two types of oil: engine oil and lubricating oil (transmission oil). As a rule of thumb, the engine oil should be changed three times and the tire oil should be changed once.