Cost of studying in the UK

Can understand the cost of studying in the UK including Tuition + Insurance + Living expenses.


In addition to the criteria of the field of study, the quality of teaching, the reputation as well as the school’s facilities, etc., the tuition fee should be one of the criteria that deserves top attention. Because tuition fees always account for the largest percentage of the total cost of studying abroad each year. And especially in the UK, where tuition fees vary widely between schools and even across different disciplines.

Therefore, to answer the question “How much does it cost to study in the UK? ”, the first thing we need to consider is the tuition fee. Tuition fees at public and private schools range from about 10,000-19,000 GBP/year on average. However, for specific industries such as medicine, art or engineering, the cost can be up to 25,000GPB/year.

Cost in Vietnam

When making documents in Vietnam, students need to pay attention to translation costs, medical examination fees, visa fees and air tickets. The British Consulate stipulates that you must pay 1 year of tuition in advance along with insurance for the entire period of study in the country.

What is the cost of studying in the UK?

The cost of studying in the UK for a year includes Tuition + Insurance + Living expenses

Cost in UK

Another fee that is also important is the cost of living, the cost of living in London and other cities has a huge difference. For example, in the cities of Liverpool, Manchester, Sunderland etc.. the average cost of living a month is about 300 GBP/month, however in London, that fee will be 900 GBP/month.

*Note: Tuition fee for the first year + Insurance for the entire study period is paid in Vietnam before getting a visa. School fees vary significantly

Experience Studying in the UK

Before coming to the UK to start their studies, one of the important things that every student needs to do is to learn the experience of studying in the UK from those who have gone before to have the best preparation. for myself when I actually started living and studying in the UK.

Useful tips:

Enroll at school

This is the most important thing when you arrive in the UK. When enrolling at the school you need to attach the following documents: copy of student’s passport + visa, CAS, tuition fee transfer documents. The school will then issue a library card and a referral to open a bank account. Students can also learn more about our student services to assist with settling into a new life in the early stages.

Join the orientation program

This program will help students better understand the school they will study in the near future and the city where the school is located. And an indispensable part of this week is career orientation. You will have the opportunity to listen to the sharing of employers and lecturers who have many years of teaching and orienting students to have specific learning orientations for their future work. With some universities, counseling programs for international students run throughout the school year, so counselors are always available to answer student questions.

Open a bank account

There are a few banks that allow students to open an account before coming to the UK to study. However, if students still need an account to deposit funds, it is advisable to open an account here as soon as possible. Because opening an account will take approximately 2 weeks, students are advised to secure funds for fees before receiving an account card.

There is a slight difference in the requirements of banks for opening accounts. Here are the general requirements:

+ Passport

+ Student visa is still valid

+ Student identification document

A service bill or tenancy agreement with the student’s name and address.

Meet new friends, join groups

One of the best things about studying in the UK is meeting students from the UK and from all over the world. Join as many student organizations as you can, attend events, chat with your classmates and the person you sit next to in your classroom.

In addition, the Vietnamese student community in the UK is very strong and united, helping a lot for Vietnamese students here.

On Facebook, there is also a page created for Vietnamese international students in the UK called SVUK (Vietnamese Students Association in the UK), here you can exchange opinions on all fields, ask anything you want. questions about life in the UK. International students, people like you who stay in the UK longer and have more experience will be the ones to answer your questions.

Every year, Vietnamese students at universities also organize musical, musical, dance and singing shows staged and performed by the students themselves to gather Vietnamese students from all over the UK. save together. The Vietnamese student community at LSE are the first to do and succeed in keeping the tradition that’s every year. This event is held around the end of November.

Explore places around where you live

Students can walk around where they live to explore the system of corner shops, supermarkets and traffic points. These will become familiar places to you when living in the UK.

Corner shop: where you can find a suitable sim to call your family as soon as you arrive in the UK. Phone cards, electricity and gas recharges you can also buy here.

System of supermarkets and food stores: you can compare the prices of vegetables and fruits at the system of food stores and supermarkets, and then make the right choice.

Choose the right carrier:

In the UK, there are quite a few internet service providers, you can refer to those who have been there before and choose the appropriate calling rate.

Register for medical services

Students can register for free at health centers near you. To prevent possible illness at any time while studying at the school, it is best for students to register as early as possible. Healthcare in the UK is free for most international students.

Discounts on transportation fees for students

Most students (in London) can save up to 30% on travel costs when using public transport such as city buses or using the National Rail Card to travel.

Scholarship program to study in the UK in 2021

Welcoming the new year 2021, Kaplan UK offers a valuable scholarship program for international students. Scholarships are available for a variety of study programs, from pathways to university transfer at Kaplan partner schools.

GPA of 7.5 and above

1,000 – 2,000 pounds

Candidates applying for a Foundation program from a Russell Group school partner or a Foundation Program

3,000 pounds

2 weeks

GPA of 8.5 or higher with Letter of explanation and interview

50% tuition fee

Candidates after paying tuition fees will be shortlisted for interview in May 2021.

Kaplan Scholarship Day Winner

50% tuition fee

2 weeks after the winner is determined

Early Bird Bursary


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