Especially, there are people with chronic diseases during the Lunar New Year, if they “release the door” a little, they can suffer serious consequences.

Master Truong Nhat Khue Tuong, Department of Nutrition and Dietetics, Ho Chi Minh City University of Medicine and Pharmacy Hospital, shared that among the foods purchased, food groups should be balanced. high in protein, fat, which needs to be balanced, and pay attention not to forget green vegetables and fruits.

Ngày Tết nên ăn uống như thế nào có lợi cho sức khỏe nhất ?

In particular, foods and drinks with a lot of sugar such as confectionery, jam, soft drinks … people should eat in moderation, limit, seeds such as melon seeds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, dried fruits, etc. Dried jam should also be limited. Everyone should eat fresh fruit, it is better than dried fruit, dried food is only convenient for receiving guests during Tet, but eating a lot of dried fruit is not good for health.

One more thing people need to keep in mind when eating and drinking during the Tet holiday, they should not eat “full, hungry”, so divide the meals almost as usual. Don’t leave meals too far apart, don’t eat too much at the same time because that will affect the digestive condition as well as health during Tet.

In addition, the elderly and children are two objects in the family that need a reasonable diet during Tet. For the elderly, the risk of chronic non-communicable diseases related to nutrition is very high such as diabetes, blood pressure, blood fat, etc., so it is necessary to adhere to the daily diet. People with diabetes also need to limit sweets, fatty foods and minimize alcohol and beer.

The elderly should not eat too many foods containing a lot of fat such as ham, pork leg… because the digestive system of the elderly is very poor, prone to bloating and digestive disorders.

For children, during the New Year holidays, parents, even if they are busy, should cook dishes suitable for their children’s ages.