In recent years, the American fig tree is known to many people as a tree of high economic and nutritional value. In temperate regions, the tree bears fruit only once a year. However, with our country’s climate, the tree can bear fruit all year round after only a few months of planting. With garden space, balcony you can completely create for yourself American figs planted in wrong pots full of fruit. And here, Namix would like to introduce to you how to plant and care for American fig trees that grow fruit in pots all year round.

Characteristics of the American fig tree

The American fig tree is native to the United States and is widely grown in temperate countries. It is also known as sweet fig. The American fig tree belongs to the group of plants that like light (moderate light intensity), do not like wet places, so you need to plant in a well-ventilated place, well-drained soil and lots of light. The plant is adapted to a fairly wide temperature range of 15oC – 40oC. Therefore, American fig trees are suitable for planting pots or planting directly on natural soil.

For American fig trees planted in pots, the soil must ensure good drainage and porosity. At the same time, it must provide enough nutrients for the plant to survive. You can choose how to mix your American fig soil based on these requirements.

Use Namix potting soil to grow healthy and easy American figs. Soil for vegetables and flowers Namix is ​​a specialized product for potted vegetables and flowers. With ingredients of 100% organic origin, the addition of Perlite mineral stones has the ability to increase ventilation, retain water and nutrients for plants. The product has been supplemented with a full range of micro and macro elements to provide long-term nutrition for plants.

Techniques for taking care of fig trees: After 2 months, you apply fertilizer to grow plants. You can use organic fertilizers such as vermicompost, cow manure, fish manure with little NPK (20 – 20 -15 or 16 – 16 – 8) to fertilize the plants. You fertilize once every 2 months.

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You need to pay attention to the water regime for the plant. Watering 1-2 times a day in the morning and afternoon, so that the soil is moist enough. You should not water too much, easy to waterlogged and root rot.

When the American fig tree is planted in a pot, it has grown strongly, with many branches and leaves, you need to cut branches to create a canopy for the tree. Trees pruned to a rounded canopy are best. In order for the trunk to grow quickly

this is how to grow American fig trees with branches.