Diamond setting for watches – an extremely popular service today. And the keyword: “diamond for watches in Hanoi” is always in the top keywords that Ha Thanh young people are particularly interested in. Understanding this growing demand, IGOLD launched a diamond service for watches, with the desire to bring artistic values ​​​​into personalized jewelry combined with the ideas and styles of each customer. to create beautiful, valuable and different jewelry.

Coming to IGOLD – the most prestigious diamond brand for watches today, customers will surely experience unique products and services.

So what is the diamond degree for the watch?

For example, when you have a plain version of a Hublot Classic watch with natural diamonds, the price will definitely be cheaper than buying a Hublot version that already has diamonds on it.

That means you can turn a watch from Rep 1:1 but look like an Auth only through diamond tuning. Crafting will include natural diamonds; or moissanite hands on the bezel or bezel to make it look real.

A genuine watch if a natural diamond version is available; and the version without natural diamonds will be much different in price. Therefore, customers can buy the diamond-free version of the diamond, which will be much cheaper than buying the full version of genuine natural diamonds.

Tiêu chí chọn kim cương 'gắt' khiến đồng hồ đá quý Rolex thành kiệt tác

What is the diamond degree of a watch?

Currently, the service of making and setting diamonds for watches is favored by many customers; customizing watches to give a new look to the customer’s jewelry; adding beauty and value to the product.

Diamonds in watches make them more luxurious. Diamonds are a symbol of nobility and class; diamonds on the watch face can be in the casing; bezel or inside the watch, making the watch not only much more valuable, but also aesthetically and artistically pleasing.

Why choose diamond degree?

Diamond is considered to be by far the hardest object in the world. It has a high refractive index to light, which is why we often see sparkling sparks from diamonds.

Diamonds cannot be destroyed by time and cannot be broken by external forces, so it becomes rare; the value is very high and is used as a fashion accessory.

Diamonds are often set in jewelry; luxury watches such as Rolex watches and Hublot watches are symbols of power, class and elite. In fact, high-end watches are encrusted with diamonds; gold, silver or precious stones often cost millions of dollars.

Branded watches are usually quite expensive because they are set with diamonds; gemstones on the bezel or bracelet. This makes many people like this model; but have a hard time affording a real watch. Not to mention that its limited editions are even harder to get.

Fine replica watches are 90% similar to the real thing, but they are replaced with crystals to have a lower price. The diamond service of the watch will help the watch become more luxurious; the customer can completely choose the type of diamond; color and size to meet their personal preference.

What are Igold’s diamond services?

We use natural diamonds; man-made diamonds and moissanite diamonds for our Igold watches.

Using natural and man-made diamonds

Let’s try a comparison of natural diamonds; and the synthetic diamonds being used today. These types of diamonds are very similar in appearance without many differences; however, natural diamonds are more valuable than synthetic diamonds because they are formed in a harsh natural environment; and have twice the refractive index to light than synthetic diamonds. Natural diamonds have a hardness score of 10, while man-made diamonds are slightly less hard, with a frame of 8.5. Suffice it to say, there are many differences between natural and man-made diamonds; natural diamonds are luxurious and have a high economic value, while man-made diamonds are less expensive. If you want a luxurious diamond-set jewelry but still have financial considerations, then synthetic diamonds are ideal for you. However, modern technological advances do not stop there; a “beauty challenge” to natural diamonds is now available on the market in the form of moissanite. What is Moissanite? The first natural moissanite was discovered in 1893 by the scientist Moissan. At the time, this American diamond was called moissanite in the United States and was considered a natural diamond. By 1904, when diamond grading techniques were developed; moissanite diamonds were examined and found not to be a natural diamond; however, its properties were closest to those of a natural diamond.

Moissanite is slightly less hard than diamond at 9.5 and has high thermal conductivity; the refractive index of light is also close to that of a natural diamond. Surprisingly, moissanite is 98% similar to natural diamonds. In other words, showing us that if you have a piece of jewelry that is both luxurious and classy, but at the best price, moissanite may be an extremely suitable choice.

Over the past 5 years, moissanite has received a lot of attention from the jewelry industry; creating a strong competitive force for natural diamonds.

Depending on your needs and preferences; we are always happy to provide the best service. When you want to choose Hublot bezel, diamond bezel for your luxury Rolex watch and want the watch to look good; grade with reasonable price, Moissanite analog watch is the best choice for you.

Should a watch be gold or not?

In addition to diamond settings, we also offer gold services for watches at reasonable prices and a wide selection.

Watches, apart from their main function of telling time, are today a type of jewelry that shows the level of luxury people have. In addition to offering diamond details, we have solid gold or 18K gold to enhance the beauty; limiting the scratches of branded watches.

We have the service of receiving single watches and gold bracelets; the option of white, yellow or rose gold depending on preference; and the financial conditions of the client. Gold plated watches also add a stylish aesthetic; it suits many fashion styles without being ostentatious or fussy.

What gold plating options are available?

We offer three grades of high quality watch gold for a sophisticated and luxurious finish. Detail.