In today’s modern life, the phrase power cables, wires, control cables… is not too strange for each of us. The use and benefits of these items for life, economy, society, and global development are enormous. One of the most popular brands of electrical cables that are trusted and used today is Cadisun power cables.
This is a product of a reputable manufacturer, bringing many outstanding benefits and advantages to users as well as large and small projects at home and abroad. However, in the Cadisun electric cable brand, there are many different types, products, advantages and disadvantages. So the following article will be devoted to talking about the important knowledge of Cadisun power cables that customers should know. With the desire to help customers choose genuine Cadisun electrical wire products, suitable for their purposes.
About Cadisun electric cable brand

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Currently in the Vietnamese market, the Cadisun electric cable brand is one of the most famous and influential brands in and out of the region. Established in 1999, with the name Thuong Dinh Electric Wire and Cable Joint Stock Company, trade name is Cadisun. The company has had outstanding development with 3 large factories, a member company, an industrial cluster in Hanoi and Hai Duong. And the branch system is spread over provinces and cities, especially 6 big branches in: Hai Phong, Thanh Hoa, Nghe An, Da Nang, Central Highlands, Ho Chi Minh City are always familiar destinations of all projects. Electrical.
The fields that Cadisun manufactures are also very diverse, not only occupying a large market share of the current electric wire market with Cadisun electrical cable products, electrical equipment and materials. The company also focuses its resources on real estate investment, construction of industrial clusters, business of travel services… Creating a solid premise for all outstanding developments in the future.
Cadisun electrical wire and cable products always bring an outstanding quality, which is highly appreciated in terms of designs, models and types. Therefore, it is not difficult to see the appearance of Cadisun electrical wire products in large construction projects at home and abroad. Cadisun electrical cable product brand has received many prestigious certificates of merit and quality certificates. So this will definitely be a product that won the trust and love of all customers.

General overview of Cadisun power cables

In fact, the Cadisun brand provides the market with a wide variety of electrical wire, conductor, and cable products. One of the products that make users confused the most is the Cadisun power cable and Cadisun power cord. Therefore, in order to accurately distinguish these two superior product lines, customers should know the general overview information of each type mentioned in detail in the article below.


Cadisun power cable is understood as a conductive device, or a welding wire, produced on modern technology of Cadisun. Made of two main parts: Conductor and cable. In which the conductor is made up of many conductive cores, insulating sheaths (if any). Power cables are also made up of many conductive cores, or only 1 core called a single cable. The cable has an uncomplicated structure, including: Surrounding insulation, followed by a protective sheath.

Thanks to the protective sheath of the electric cable Cadisun will be able to withstand greater external pressure. Not easily damaged, scratched when bumped. The ability to withstand the effects of weather and external factors such as water, ultraviolet rays, sunlight, etc. will be superior.

Structure Basically Cadisun power cables usually have the following structures:

+ Conductor: usually made of aluminum or copper.

+ Insulation layer: Made of PVC, or XLPE.

+ Filler: Made from polypropylene fiber – PP.

+ Bandage: Non-woven tape.

+ Inner sheath: PVC or PE layer.


There are many forms of classification of Cadisun power cables, but in general, 3 common classifications are used as follows:

+ Classification according to conductor structure: Civil wire with hard conductor, civil wire with soft conductor…

+ Classification according to the number of conductors: Single wire, Double wire, Three conductor wire…

+ Classification according to the shape of the sheath: Round sheath civil wire, Oval civil wire, adhesive coated civil wire, also known as Supong wire.

+ Transmission of power or control signals with high power.

+ Connecting industrial and civil electrical equipment.

General overview of Cadisun power cord


Cadisun electrical conductor is a type of conductor consisting of a conductive metal core of copper or aluminum. The outside of the metal core is surrounded by an insulating sheath. The conductor can be bare wire, with 1 or 2 sheaths. But unlike Cadisun power cables, the electrical conductor has only one conductive core.


Copper conductor Cu

+ PVC insulation

+ PP filler layer

+ PVC sheath


If Cadisun electrical cables are usually classified in 3 common ways, Cadisun electrical wires are divided into 6 main types. This classification is based on the core characteristics of the product:

+ Single rigid wire (VC): is a 600V voltage wire, with a conductor of 1 copper wire, PVC insulated.

+ Single flexible wire (VCm): is a 250V voltage supply wire with a conductor consisting of many copper wires twisted together.

+ Flat flexible double wire (VCmd): is a 250V voltage supply wire with 2 conductors, each core consists of many copper wires twisted together.

Twisted pair flexible wire (VCmx) is a 250V supply wire twisted from two separate flexible single wires (VCm).

+ Oval soft double wire (Vcmo): is a 250V voltage supply wire including 1 PVC sheath, 2 separate single flexible wires (VCm) twisted together or placed in parallel.

+ Power transmission with low power.

+ Simple signal connection between electronic devices.

General overview of Cadisun control cables.


One of the outstanding products of the Cadisun electric cable brand is the Cadisun control cable. This type of cable is produced by Thuong Dinh Electric Wire and Cable Joint Stock Company, which helps to transmit signals and control functions between devices and machines when the distance is too long to use electromagnetic waves. Then the control cable will help connect and transmit quickly and simply.

+ Conductor core: made of soft annealed copper in an inert gas environment. Usually consists of 2 – 60 cores

+ Core: Rounded at level 2 or twisted with many soft fibers.

+ Nominal cross-section: 0.5 – 22mm2.

+ Nominal voltage: 300/500V, 600V, 0.6/1kv

+ Insulation layer: Made of Polyvinyl chloride – PVC material, with full or separate mesh.

+ Cover: the outside is made of PVC material. The inside contains less than 15% of the total volume of halogen acid when heated to 800 degrees Celsius.

There are 2 main types which are:

+ Cadisun control cable with anti-interference screen.

+ Cadisun control cable without anti-interference screen.


+ Effective signal transmission, outstanding anti-interference.

About Cadisun Catalog

As a major electrical wire brand, the Cadisun Catalog is always updated continuously. The latest specifications, products, prices are fully updated. Customers can easily see the parameters and information from:

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