After a long time of use, you will surely have encountered the error of the bluetooth speaker with the sound a few times or many times. This error is more or less annoying because your entertainment experience will be interrupted.

How to fix bluetooth speaker with low sound is simple, but not everyone knows. This article will provide you with the necessary information so that you can fix and resolve these annoying errors yourself.

The cause of the bluetooth speaker error

Cách khắc phục loa bluetooth bị rè

– The volume is too loud: every bluetooth speaker has a certain power level, if the volume is turned on too much, the sound will be distorted – distorted – broken and no longer true.

– The battery capacity inside the speaker is almost exhausted: if the output volume is getting smaller and smaller and shows signs of breaking, it’s possible that your bluetooth speaker is almost out of battery and needs to be quickly recharged or replaced if needed. you use batteries.

– Poor quality music files: you download music from many different sources, but those music files are not of guaranteed quality.

– The source is noisy: when your bluetooth speaker has a crackling sound, try disconnecting the 2 devices and turning it back on. Don’t forget the distance limit of two devices is 10m.

How to fix the bluetooth speaker error?

If you encounter a situation where the bluetooth speaker has a crackling sound, you should not bring it in for warranty right away. Try these simple ways for yourself:

– Stop playing audio, disconnect the transmitter and bluetooth speaker. Check if the music file or the movie you are playing has any sound errors, then restart both.

– Open another music file, another movie to try to see if the problem of the bluetooth speaker with the sound is coming from these digital content or not.

– Check the distance between the audio source and the bluetooth speaker, if it’s too far, let it get a little closer.

After trying the above methods and still can’t fix the error, then you should bring the bluetooth speaker for warranty. Maybe your bluetooth speaker now has a torn diaphragm, the only way to fight the fire is to turn the volume down so that the sound is not too much.

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