Modern life makes people always rush and rush, sometimes there is not enough time for a fully charged phone. Therefore, today’s smartphones have integrated fast charging, which saves more time. So what is fast charging? Does fast charging for iPhone have any harm? Let’s find out with Bach Long Mobile!

Fast charging iPhone – the ultimate super product

Fast charging is generally understood as a new charging technology in which the amperage (or voltage) is increased higher than normal, thereby reducing the charging time, helping the battery to be fully charged faster. .
Basically, when using fast charging, the phone battery will be charged with a large current, helping the battery to be charged faster. But thanks to a special chip in the Adapter (charger, charger), the current will automatically decrease to normal when the battery is almost full. Scientists have carefully calculated that this does not affect the quality of the battery or the phone, so today’s fast charging technology is quite safe.
Fast charging technologies in the world today

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Today’s major phone manufacturers (such as Apple, Samsung or OPPO…) almost all apply fast charging technology on their products. This is quite understandable because fast charging saves maximum time, suitable for those who have to move often, do not have a place to plug in and do not need to carry an inconvenient backup charger.

Quick Charge Technology – Qualcomm

Power Delivery (PD) Technology – Apple

Fast Charging / Adaptive Fast Charging Technology – Samsung

VOOC fast charging technology – OPPO

Technology OnePlus Dash Charge, Warp Charge – OnePlus

Technology Huawei SuperCharge – Huawei

Technology MediaTek Pump Express – Pump Express

Vivo technology 120W Super Flash Charge – Vivo

Xiaomi Hypercharge Technology – Xiaomi

Each of these charging technologies currently only applies to a particular brand that it serves and in addition, depending on the model and model of the new device, fast charging can be used. For example, fast charging for iPhone only applies to iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and above, iPhone fast charger also has many different types such as iPhone 20w fast charger (20w iPhone fast charger), 24W, 30W fast charger …
Questions related to iPhone fast charging

Is fast charging good?

Good. Because it helps to minimize the time it takes to charge, saving time for those who are in a hurry or do not have a backup charger.

Does fast charging damage the battery?

No. Because the batteries of phones that support fast charging technology have 2 phases. Single phase increases the input voltage, so the battery can be fully charged from 50% – 70% in just about 20 minutes. The second phase will lower and regulate voltage when the battery is almost full to protect the battery (you can see this when the device is charged to 85%, the time to 100% is quite long).
Why is fast charging fast at first, then slow?

As mentioned, on each battery of the phone that supports fast charging has 2 phases. The effect of the second phase is to recognize when the phone is almost full of battery, it will adjust the amperage to ensure the stability and quality of the battery. Because of this, you will find that the last few % of the battery is usually charged quite a long time.

Fast charger gets hot

Basically, if you use the original charger, this should not be the case. Moreover, during the charging process, if you are both charging and using it (playing games, watching movies…), the device will have to charge and discharge continuously, not only harming the battery but also making the device hotter.
Can I use fast charging for regular phones?

Ordinary phones that do not support fast charging usually have a small input voltage, about 5V / 2A (10W), while fast charging phones are larger. So in theory even if you plug in a 20V / 5A (100W) power source, it can’t charge faster.
How to know if the phone has fast charging or not?

With iPhone, you just need to base on the model of the device, some other devices can check in the settings and parameters of the device. But there are other devices, you can plug in the charger and pay attention to the charging time of the device or like with Oppo, Xiaomi, Samsung … you can recognize this through the lightning bolt icon while charging.
Can I use an iPhone 20W fast charger for Samsung?

Basically and in theory it’s okay, as long as you make sure they have the same specs. But according to manufacturers, they all recommend that we use genuine chargers and chargers for products to ensure the best quality.

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