Matte lipstick is loved by the beauty community because of its long-lasting feature, which helps girls’ lips increase their charm. Besides the professional beauty Eva Hot, the vast majority of women have little time to care about beauty and have not heard or know what matte lipstick is. If you are also surprised when you hear the name of the matte lipstick product without knowing it, let’s find out with LamDepNhe through the following article.
What is lipstick?

Matte lipstick is a type of lipstick called Matte Lipstick when applied, it usually gives a bold color, true to 95% of the true color of the lipstick, regardless of the color of the lips. Matte lipstick is a perfect choice for women with dark lips.

The composition of matte lipstick contains kaolin – a type of clay used in industries such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and healthcare.

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So you can rest assured that this ingredient is absolutely not harmful to your lips or your skin. Simply because kaolin is one of the ingredients that go into a very good skin nourishing clay mask.

What are the ingredients of the lipstick?

The composition of the matte lipstick contains kaolin, a common clay used in industries such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and healthcare.

So you can rest assured that this ingredient is absolutely not harmful to your lips or skin.

Simply because kaolin is one of the ingredients to make a really good clay mask, there is nothing to worry about.

Matte Lipstick Review


The first important thing is that matte lipstick on the lips is extremely standard, beautiful, the color of the lipstick is not affected by the color of the lips.

The adhesion of the color is high, good, which allows the color of the lipstick to stay for many hours. Thanks to this, you can eat and drink comfortably throughout the day and the lipstick is always beautiful, less faded.


The biggest drawback of matte lipstick is that it is quite dry when applied to the lips.

Therefore, before using the matte lipstick, you should use a suitable dry lip balm; or you should make efforts to nourish your lips and exfoliate them regularly.

How to choose to buy a beautiful matte lipstick?

Currently, to meet the growing needs of women, there are many types of matte lipsticks in the cosmetics market.

Without experience, it will be very difficult for girls to choose a good lipstick that suits them.

Factors to ensure a quality lipstick: A lipstick is quality when it does not contain chemical ingredients that are harmful to the lips as well as to the health of the user.

To be able to make sure of this, one should look out for factors such as: buying from well-known and old brands, stores, authentic distribution branches, containing sun protection ingredients and approved by customers. The product is highly valued for its quality and trusted by many users.

Factors to ensure that the lipstick is right for you: Apart from the quality factor, when you choose to buy a lipstick, you should also pay attention to the suitability of the lipstick color with your skin and age.

Otherwise, you will very easily become a beauty disaster.

Choose a lipstick that matches your skin tone: For those of you with fair skin, almost any lipstick color will make you look more beautiful and radiant. For those of you with darker skin, you need to be very careful when choosing lipstick colors. The safest and most suitable color for you is orange or medium red.

Choose the right lipstick for your age: For girls under 20, light colors such as orange red, lotus pink are quite suitable for this age group. Mature girls over 20 should use bold colors to enhance their charm.

What is the right lipstick

Having the distinction of not shining the skin, the star color is the same on the lips.

When used, it creates a feeling of authenticity on the lips, which is why the vast majority of you prefer matte lipstick to other lipsticks.

The quality of a lipstick depends on the company that makes it.

You can’t say that matte lipstick is all good, because there are brands that make it too, but the quality is very bad. And vice versa, there are also companies that sell it but the quality is very good.

Therefore, it is totally inaccurate to evaluate whether the matte lipstick is good or not.

But compared to lip gloss or lip gloss, LamDepNhe is definitely much better to use than other types of lipstick.

3This matte lipstick

After causing a fever throughout Asia with a series of unique lipstick lines like Lily Maymac nude lipstick, Mood Recipe earth tone lipstick and Red Recipe red lipstick, 3CE has launched a number of other lipsticks but none of them caused strong effects. like the above mentioned lines.

Suddenly, on October 16, the famous Korean brand “bombed” the sisters with a brand new matte lipstick line, called 3CE Velvet Lip Tint.