If you need to travel, the motorcycle will not explode, causing you to struggle to know what is the cause and how to fix it. So, how to solve this situation in the face of this? Let’s go through the following article for more information.

Vehicles are like people, at some point it will “roll” out sick, and one of the typical situations where a car appears to “age” or get stuck is when the button is pressed but the car doesn’t work.

Today’s popular motorcycles, with fairly simple structures and less complicated workings, can handle themselves when they encounter problems that don’t explode and other errors, avoiding “wrongful” losses to drivers.” Auto repair shops still have to push the set to the place of repair. When the motorcycle does not start, the pedal does not start due to the following reasons

Motorcycle does not start, the motorcycle does not explode

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There are many reasons why a motorcycle will not start or a pedal will not start. Specifically.

Motorcycle won’t start due to power outage, lack of electricity

If this is the case, try to check if the car has power by unlocking it and pay attention to the headlights, gauges or taillights of the car. If these lights are not on, it means the car has lost power. In case the lights are on, but weaker than usual, it means the electricity is very weak. Another way to check is to unlock and use the buzzer, the volume of the whistle will tell you if the electricity is strong or weak.

If the lights don’t come on and the horn doesn’t sound, it means that your car has lost power throughout.

To solve this problem, find a battery of different power and connect the new battery to the old one by connecting the positive (+) and negative (-) terminals of the two batteries to each other (negative terminal with cathode, anode with anode). At this point, if the car starts as usual, it means that the car’s battery has been damaged and needs to be replaced with a new one.

As for the situation where the car has power but no power, it is a bit more complicated and at this point there will be 2 possibilities to keep your car from exploding. The battery in the car is weak and can’t save a full battery like it used to, and secondly. The second is that there is a problem with the vehicle’s electrical installation.

In either case, do the test, replace the battery with a new one, and test drive the vehicle. If you still see weak electricity on the vehicle the next day, take it to a reputable motorcycle repair store and check the entire electrical wiring in a different location.

Broken starter or brake switch

When the starter button is pressed but there is no sound and it won’t start, the ignition switch button may be damaged or the hand brake switch (for scooters) may be damaged. Both types of switches are involved in the car starting process and cannot be fixed if there is a problem with one part.

For digital cars, the user can test by stepping on the starter lever. If the car starts, the starter button is broken, take the car to the store for inspection and replacement of the starter button.

With the scooter series, since there is no need to ride a motorcycle, take the car to a store for a full inspection.

Scooters don’t explode and rattle

If you press the starter button but only see the scooter rattle but not explode, it is likely your relay is “calling for help”. Because the battery has provided enough power to the starter, but the starter is not turning, the relay will notify this way.

There are many reasons why a starter may not turn, such as worn brushes or too old wires. In this case, the temporary solution is to tap the threads a few times and then try again, and it will move. Then you have to take the car to an auto shop to check the brushes or replace the motor starter.

The problem is solved, but the machine just wobbles and doesn’t start

When you press the button, you can feel the car vibrate as usual, but you don’t see the engine start as usual. In this case, the motorcycle is leaking oil because the car’s spark plug is damaged. This situation is quite complicated, but if you understand the following principles, you can deal with it yourself or ask a mechanic to fix it in the right place and avoid being fooled.

Starting a car depends mainly on 2 main factors: gasoline, wind and fire. Gasoline is carbureted or electronically fuel injected, depending on the type of vehicle, while fire is mainly electrically detonated by spark plugs in the combustion chamber. Therefore, if this happens to the car, check if the spark plugs have ignited in order to replace or clean them.

Need to ride a motorcycle is stiff

When the weather gets cold, the air often dries out, causing the pedal to dry out and making it difficult to use. To deal with this phenomenon, the pedals, as well as the entire bike, should be regularly maintained and lubricated.

When the engine is cold, the bike is hard to start

Another phenomenon that keeps the bike from ever exploding is because the car’s engine is cold, making it difficult to ignite the fuel. This phenomenon usually occurs in the winter or early morning. The reason is that when the temperature is low, the evaporative capacity of the fuel decreases, so that the mixture of fuel and air tends not to be as dense as when the engine is hot or the weather is warm.

To overcome this phenomenon, you can apply the following technique: turn off all lights before starting the engine, start the car, and then pull the wind (also called air). When the wind is stimulated, the car goes “crazy” due to the amount of gasoline that can penetrate and the very large combustion chamber. When the machine is wet enough, release the airle back to its original position, at which point the engine will run normally.

How to prevent and maintain motorcycles

In order to prevent the above-mentioned phenomenon of motorcycles and bicycles not exploding, users need to perform