Launched in 2020 at the hands of designer Sonia Constant, Bleu Noir Extreme has a simple yet luxurious design. Along with its fragrance, Sonia Constant seems to breathe in a new wind full of enchantment and attraction when anyone who uses it becomes the focus of the gazes from women.

Perfume scent

Based on the original Narciso Rodriguez For Him Bleu Noir, this scent is refreshed, focusing on creating a fresh and modern fragrance with top notes of cool citrus, ice cold and hot notes. Cinnamon creates a feeling of refreshment, freedom.
Middle notes with the presence of musk create a deep, sensual tone. Finally, the notes of cedar, black ebony leave a warm and masculine woody base.

Perfume bottle design

Nước hoa Narciso Rodriguez for Her Eau de Parfum | namperfume


Narciso Rodriguez For Him Bleu Noir Eau De Toilette Extreme is still a square bottle design that shows the masculinity, strength and mysterious dark blue inherent in Narciso Rodriguez For Him Bleu Noir, but this time Narciso Rodriguez For Him Bleu Noir EDT Extreme is covered with a translucent glass on the outside, making the water bottle more unique and attractive.

Narciso Rodriguez Patchouli Musc Eau de Parfum 100ml

Perfume scent

Passionate, seductive, brilliant, the oriental beauty, proud and radiant, asserts its right to stand out. Patchouli Musc shines, the light is a bit harsh but enchanting, captivating all the urban olfactory senses with an extremely delicate blend of woody notes, chypre flowers and oriental ingredients.

Narciso Patchouli Musk also scored points because this time there was an improvement and development of the powdery notes of musk, Indonesian patchouli making “its” more powerful and sophisticated. Compared to the light pink Narciso, it seems that Narciso Patchouli Musk is a little richer and softer.

And if Narciso pale pink is a soft but shy scent, like a girl who still wants to be beautiful but is still a little shy, Narciso Patchouli is a strong, confident, seductive girl who is ready to radiate her full vitality through her slightly spicy scent.

Design of the perfume bottle

Retaining a square block like Narciso For Her EDP, EDT, Narciso Patchouli Musc scores with extremely luxurious and eye-catching metallic gold tones, carrying a feather full of iridescent beauty.

Narciso Rodriguez Musc Noir Eau de Toilette 100ml

The Musc Noir For Her Rodriguez fragrance from the famous brand Narciso Rodriguez was launched in 2020. It is a continuation of the traditional sexy and erotic fragrance of the house of Narciso Rodriguez with a much improved and still known version. how to please people.

Ambiance perfume

Narciso Rodriguez Musc Noir continues the tradition of being sexy, erotic and making men’s hearts skip a beat. Narciso always knows how to please people and never disappoints. No matter how many bottles of perfume, for scent lovers, Narciso is a must in this collection.

White florals glide gracefully over warm, smooth, charming skin. The musk appears a little slower, mixed with a soft and round vanilla, smooth as the silk of Narciso Rodriguez Musc Noir.

Design of the perfume bottle

The body of the bottle is made of solid pink thick glass combined with a black cap. The whole perfume bottle is in harmony with an elegant and feminine pink. With the soft and pleasant scent it contains, the perfume bottle is suitable for daily use, or at gatherings with friends.

Narciso Rodriguez Narciso Amber Musk Intense EDP 100ml

The perfume Narciso Rodriguez Narciso Amber Musc Intense is a perfume of the brand Narciso Rodriguez. Although recognized as a perfume for women, Narciso Rodriguez Amber Musc Intense is considered a “beautiful and lovely perfume”, a wonderful scent for anyone’s sense of smell.

Room fragrance

Although recognized as a perfume for women, Narciso Rodriguez Amber Musc Intense is considered a “beautiful and lovely perfume”, a wonderful fragrance for anyone’s sense of smell. The sensation is very sweet, the white petals create a sexy but very delicate attraction, and the “fleshy scent” Musk also contributes to the attraction on the skin.

The passionate and seductive aspect comes out more clearly under the scent of patchouli and agarwood, which add a luxurious leathery scent, the fragrance is both evocative and creates warmth and comfort. When you enjoy the light and relaxing scent, the sweetness also finds its way into the sense of smell, vanilla, amber and agarwood make the scent of Narciso Rodriguez Amber Musc Intense more perfect than ever. .

Design of the perfume bottle

Narciso Rodriguez Narciso Amber Musc Intense perfume for women has a simple bottle design made of a layer of transparent glass to reveal the golden color of the scented solution. The box of Narciso Rodriguez Narciso Amber Musc Intense perfume is decorated with luxurious golden tones.

Price of the real Narciso Rodriguez perfume ?

Genuine Narciso Rodriguez perfumes imported to Vietnam have prices ranging from VND 1,600,000 to VND 3,500,000 depending on the product, capacity, time and different purchase addresses. However, this is a high-end perfume line, so an authentic bottle of Narciso Rodriguez fullbox will never cost less than 1 million VND.

So if you find Narciso Rodriguez perfume surprisingly cheap, be careful because it is likely to be a fake, made from toxic ingredients that affect the user’s experience and health.