Unknown when, banh Tet has become a traditional dish and the wrapping of Tet cakes has also become one of the indispensable Tet customs of every Southerner. If in the North on New Year’s Day, there are green banh chung, in the South, it is Tet cake. And each type of cake has its own destiny and origin. If the banh chung is associated with “the legend of banh chung and banh day” of the 18th prince of the Hung King’s son, Lang Lieu, symbolizing the round sky and square earth, Banh Tet also has thrilling anecdotes about the origin and meaning. private.

The story of Tet cake on Southern New Year’s Day

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According to the surviving records, the Tet cake originated from the owner of this land. It was the Cham Pa people in history (the predecessor was the Sa Huynh) who shaped the nation’s national territory from the end of the 2nd century AD (about 2 millennia from today). At that time, the Cham people had a flourishing culture and reached its peak. Food culture is also rich.

According to the explanation of the late professor Tran Quoc Vuong, it is possible that the Tet cake that people in the South uses on Tet holiday today is the product of the process of exchange and acculturation of the Vietnamese Cham culture, or it may also be the inherit the values ​​left by the predecessor class. When the Vietnamese entered the field to open up the southern land, it was due to the absorption of the polytheistic religious element of the Cham culture, including the Phon food belief and the worship of the rice god.

Wrapping Tet cakes has become one of the Tet traditions in the South

Wrapping Tet cakes has become one of the Tet traditions in the South

From the visualization of the Linga element of the god Siva (which is still most evident in the My Son temple complex) along with the inherent agricultural beliefs, the Vietnamese residents later created the Tet cake like today. now. Then, gradually, the Tet cake was born and “pregnant” is always unknown.

Besides, there is another legend that adds to the origin of Banh Tet, the naming of the cake and the habit of eating Banh Tet on Tet as follows. In the spring of the Rooster in 1789, Nguyen Hue and our army drove the Qing army out of the country. At that time, the soldiers could rest and eat Tet. Among the soldiers, there was a soldier who was sent by his family to a cake made from glutinous rice, filled with green beans, shaped like today’s banh tet. The soldier brought cake to invite King Quang Trung.

The meaning of Tet cake on traditional New Year’s Day

Banh Tet has many noble human meanings. The cake is wrapped with many leaves like a mother wraps her child, eating Tet cake thinking about her mother, living with her mother, like sisters taking care of each other from the same mother. Not only that, the green Tet cake with yellow stigma reminds us of the green color of the countryside, the livestock life, the peace of the neighborhood – the village… reminds us of people’s dream of “settling down and settling down”. a peaceful spring for everyone. All of these meanings have enhanced human labor, the harmony of heaven and earth, of man with nature, towards the ancestral origin.

Banh Tet is a traditional dish with many good meanings – a custom on Southern New Year’s Day

Banh Tet is a traditional dish with many good meanings – a custom on Southern New Year’s Day

The cake looks simple but imbued with Southern philosophy about people and life. On the evening of the 29th and 30th of Tet, the whole family stayed awake around the pot to cook cakes, children were responsible for the stove, creating a cozy and prosperous atmosphere of the family reunion on Tet.