Rats are medium-sized rodents, belonging to the class of mammals (Mammalia), order rodents (Rodentia), family Muridae, genus Rattus. The genus Rattus arose from the family Muridae about 3.5 million years ago. Up to now, all documents have shown that rats originated in Asia and then followed humans to migrate around the world. Rats are present everywhere, where there are people, there are rats.

Rat is the name used by our people to refer to many species of rodents. The most common types of mice are rats and mice. Like other rodents, rats and mice are mammals with continuously growing incisors. To wear and keep these teeth from becoming too long, they have to gnaw a lot and almost constantly sip. Rodents (including rats) make up 40% of all mammals on earth.

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They include a large superfamily of the order Rodent with many species. Rats do not live in a fixed place, but they are distributed throughout the world.

Due to the large number and number of species, people can only group all the mouse families into one family due to difficulties in determining the relationship between them.

According to some surveys, the rat is currently a superfamily of rodents with 6 families, 19 subfamilies and more than 280 genera, 1300 species.

Some common families of rats include:

Family Platacanthomyidae.

Family Spalacidae.

Family Calomyscidae.

Family Nesomyidae.

Family Cricetidae.

Family Muridae.

Most species of mice are quite small in shape but very strong. They have long tails and large round eyes. Rats are animals with strong teeth and their well-developed teeth enable them to gnaw on all kinds of foods they love.

Rats often move with the soles of their feet, palms, they can walk, run, climb and slide at very fast speeds. That’s why it’s hard for us to catch mice.

Rats and things to know

Rats have long, strong claws that allow them to burrow easily, but some arboreal species have short but very sharp claws.

There is a fairly simple feature that distinguishes rats from other rodents is a set of long and pointed incisors, which help the rat to gnaw through all the hard objects that interfere with it.

Rats have well-developed organs of hearing, sight and smell. So they can easily see things at night and smell very well. However, there are also some species of nocturnal mice that are very sensitive to light.