Diving and sea ducks are more common than dabbling ducks but that also makes it difficult for them to fly.

Dabbling ducks often forage on the surface of the water, or bodies of water where they can catch their prey without having to fully dive into the water; In addition, on land is also their prey. This duck also has a horn located in the flat beak, which helps them to hold prey and filter water out.

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Some unique duck breeds such as crested duck, pointed-billed duck, sea duck are also capable of catching large fish.

The Peking duck (Scientific name: Anas platyrhynchos domestica, or Anas peking) is a breed of domestic duck used mainly for duck meat and duck eggs. This is a famous meat duck breed and is raised in many parts of the world and is the raw material for making the famous dish Peking duck.

In many areas of the world, wild ducks (including field ducks escaping captivity), are often hunted, snared, and used for human consumption (for food or for recreational sports). mind).

Domestic ducks have a lot of economic value, they provide humans with meat, eggs, feathers. In addition, ducks are also used for captive breeding as an ornamental bird, or for circus acts in the Zoo. Most ducks are domesticated from the blue-necked duck (Anas platyrhynchos) of the Mallard region. Many duck species today are larger than their ancestors (the length from their neck to their tail is about 12 inches or about 30 centimeters).