On the occasion of Tet, the pot of Braised Meat brings back the emotional and spiritual weight that unites all family members when Spring comes. Braised meat dish is simple, but over the years it has always held an indispensable position on the Tet tray.

In the South, the climate is hotter than the North, so it is not possible to cook frozen meat, so Southerners only need to make a large pot of meat to be able to store it for a long time during Tet when the market is not open.

Công thức nấu thịt kho tàu với trứng chuẩn ngon và bổ dưỡng

Due to the characteristics of the river, the South can only raise small and medium-sized cattle and poultry, so the source of duck eggs and pork (swine) is quite abundant. Coconut water is a very popular food in the South because the climate here is suitable for coconut trees, the interaction with ethnic groups such as Hoa and Khmer here affects the cuisine of Vietnamese people, the dish is often eaten. has a sweet taste of coconut water or a little sugar. The above factors have contributed to the formation of a dish called “meat braised with eggs” or “meat braised in Chinese” (the Chinese word is not a Chinese dish but means pale or bland).

Seein braised meat is seeing Tet

Just hearing the attractive, greasy aroma emanating from the pot of braised meat placed with a cup of steaming hot white rice is to see Tet next to it. That is the common opinion of young people when asked which Tet dish impressed them the most.

An international student in France said: “When we go to school far away, we miss the dishes that remind us of our hometown. When I didn’t return to Vietnam during Tet holidays, I struggled to buy pork and duck seeds to store according to the recipe my mother taught me. Sometimes I sit and wait for the pot of meat to cook until soft, hear the smell of coconut water mixed with the smell of meat that keeps spreading in the kitchen, but I miss my mom and miss home terribly. Meals far away from home, served on a tray, saw a plate of golden brown braised pork, feeling like Tet was still present even though we were “thousands of miles away”. To me, braised meat is not just a pure Vietnamese dish. It is also the taste of memories, the feeling of warmth gathered around, the laughter that compliments how soft and rich the meat is on an early spring day.”

Delicious Tet dishes to tighten family affection

In Tet dishes, braised pork is always a dish that brings back many memories. Although the dish is simple, it is not easy to make, but it is not easy, especially the way to choose meat, the way to marinate the spices is carefully mixed, so that the braised meat is rich and delicious as desired, it needs a few tips. so that the braised meat is tender and has a wavy golden brown color.

Braised pork is a rare dish that appears in both the daily menu and the Tet tray. With meat, eggs, rich taste, cool colors, this dish brings warmth and reunion. The harmony of ingredients shows family harmony and happiness. The taste and meaning have made braised meat familiar and lasting with Vietnamese Tet.