What kind of diet is suitable?

The first thing you have to get is information about how many calories each dish can provide into your body. According to nutrition experts, the average person needs to consume 1500-2000 calories per day. Therefore, to balance nutrition during Tet, you should only load your body from 1000 – 1200 calories per day is appropriate.

What foods should be avoided during Tet?

Traditional Vietnamese New Year always has banh chung or banh tet, but this is also a food with a large amount of calories you need to consider before eating. In addition, red meats such as pork and beef also contain equally large calories, so you should limit dishes made from these meats. Instead, you can eat chicken, fish, shrimp… especially chicken breast can help you feel full for a long time, reducing your appetite.

Nhiều món ăn hấp dẫn ngày Tết

Foods to eat on Tet holiday

Instead of fried foods or jams, you should eat more vegetables during Tet to help the digestive system better to balance excess calories in the body. The fresh green or red, colorful vegetables will help the body to be lighter on Tet with many attractive dishes. You can add vegetables such as cauliflower, vegetables, pumpkin, squash, banana apple… We already know the use of vegetables and fruits and on Tet holiday, you must definitely increase these foods. If you want to control your weight during Tet.

Besides, you can eat nuts to make Tet both happy and not worry about gaining weight. Tet has a lot of nuts and almost every home has them, so you don’t have to worry about finding or preparing them. Almonds, cashews, melon seeds, pumpkin seeds, chestnuts… choose your favorite and eat on Tet holiday. Soybeans, green beans, red beans… are also helpful in helping you keep “balance” on that Tet holiday. These nuts are rich in fiber, low in fat, and feel full for a long time.

Playing Tet is the main thing, not eating

Tet is for playing, to watch for fun, and Tet is not the main thing. Enjoy the holidays with family and friends. Don’t get caught up in endless parties with high-calorie and fat-laden dishes and then have to exercise quickly to get back in shape.

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Burn calories with simple exercises

Daily exercise is something that nutritionists always recommend for us to stay healthy. During the New Year or after Tet, your body is always in a state of excess fat, so exercising in these days is not necessary anymore. For those who “eat while rolling” during the New Year, don’t forget to move your body to “burn” excess fat with simple exercises. Walking 30 a day is the simplest exercise for you, a little better than jogging for about 30 a day. Running will help burn fat better than walking. You should do yoga or aerobic exercises at home or at the gym to help get in shape quickly and effectively after Tet.