Going to Tet market to buy flowers, the flower house blooms on Tet holiday

One of the most important customs that cannot be missed on every New Year’s Eve or spring is going to the Tet market to buy ornamental flowers. If people in the South celebrate Tet in the warm sun with bright yellow apricot branches, in the North there are still peach blossoms blooming in pink to dispel the cold air of the North.

Những Điều Nên Làm Trong Ngày Tết Để Hút May Mắn Tài Lộc

Vietnamese people believe that on New Year’s Eve, if the flower blooms with many double petals, three layers on the platform and shaped like a rose, it will bring many blessings. Many families like to plant kumquat trees on Tet holiday to have enough quarters in the house. Ripe fruits, green fruits, flowers and buds will help the owner to be lucky all year long.

Happy New Year

On the first days of the year, Vietnamese people often have the custom of going to New Year’s greetings with the hope of luck, fortune and health for their relatives, friends and acquaintances.

Visiting ancestors’ graves

This is a precious traditional custom of the Vietnamese people for a long time.

From about 23 to 30 of the 12th lunar month, the descendants in the house will repair and clean the house, go to the grave to “clean up”, invite the spirits of their ancestors to celebrate Tet with their children and grandchildren to remember their roots and display them. show filial piety to ancestors.

Picking render year

Picking at the beginning of the year is one of the beauties of the Vietnamese traditional Lunar New Year. At the time after New Year’s Eve, Vietnamese people often go to the temple to pick a small bud with the symbolic meaning of bringing buds, fertility, and growth to pray for a new year of peace, luck and fulfillment.

Eat grapes

In Buddhism there are many rosaries. The rosary has 12 beads that represent 12 causes and conditions, 12 months in a year. The Chinese believe that eating 12 grapes (Confucianism) on the first day of the year will have 12 months of luck, academic career, promotion.

Write 3 wishes

The beginning of the year is also the time when we should summarize the results of the old year and write down the goals and achievements we want to achieve in the new year. In addition to energizing, the Chinese have the custom of “opening the first pen of the year” to advance in their studies, increase their intelligence, and the Japanese believe that 75% of what they write will come true. So write down 3 wishes in the new year and attach them to the tree so that they can swing with the wind at the moment of change of watch – New Year’s Eve.