Samsung is undeniably the world’s No. 1 smartphone maker, with a customizable touchwiz interface on Android that’s easy to use for users. However, users still face certain difficulties when getting used to Galaxy devices, so this article will guide you to solve frequently asked questions on Samsung phones.
How to enable simple mode

Simple mode will be really useful for the elderly or those who need a simple interface, easy to use with basic needs.

2 cách chụp màn hình Samsung A71 không cần tải ứng dụng thứ 3

To open the Simple screen, you have to do the following:. From the Home screen > Settings > Simple Mode. 2.

2. Install apps from unknown sources

By default, you can only install apps on your Samsung device through Google Play. In order to be able to install APK files, you must enable apps from unknown sources to be installed.

In order to be able to install APK files outside of the Google Play Store, do the following. From the Home screen > Settings > Lock screen and security > Unknown sources > OK.

3. Wide-angle Selfie

Selfies are a recent trend and most Samsung devices are equipped with a wide-angle selfie feature that helps you take pictures with more people and get more of the view behind you.

To use this feature, do the following. From the Home screen > Camera app > Mode > Wide Selfie. 4.

4. Enable one-hand operation

Many Samsung smartphones with large screens are equipped with one-handed operation, which is convenient when all content is shifted to one side of the screen.

To use this feature, go to Applications > Settings > Display and Wallpaper > One-hand operation > Reduce screen size.

5. Turn on power saving mode

If your phone is about to run out of battery and you don’t have a charger with you, but you still need to use basic tasks, turn on power saving mode and your phone will switch back to power saving mode. Black and white limits performance and increases battery life many times over.

To do this on the home screen, Apps > Settings > Battery saver > Power saving/ultra power saving mode.

6. Close background apps

Closing background apps will free up memory on your device and have more room to run other heavy tasks.

To remove apps that have RAM running in the background, all you have to do is: tap the 2 square icons to the left of the Home button in the middle of the screen, then select the round icon in the bottom left > select Close All.

7. Capture screen by swiping

You can use this feature to quickly and easily share what you are reading with your friends, or just save it for later use.

You can do this from Home > Settings > Actions and Gestures > Palm Swipe. Place your hand on the screen and swipe the screen from right to left and vice versa to take a photo.

8. Hard Reset

If your device freezes and does not respond to any user action, you should immediately consider resetting the device.

To reset, press and hold the power button for 7 seconds and your device will automatically reset.

9. How to unlock with fingerprint on Note 4. S6, S6 Edge …

Samsung’s high-end products are equipped with a fingerprint security feature integrated into the Home button.

In order to be able to unlock with your fingerprint, please go to. Settings > Fingerprint Scanner > Fingerprint Manager.

Place your finger on the fingerprint recognition sensor to register your fingerprint. Scan your finger all the way down to the sensor. Repeat the same finger scan until the fingerprint is registered.

10. Update your Samsung device

The manufacturer always updates the software of Samsung devices periodically to be able to add features, improve user efficiency, and fix other software bugs on the system.

To do this, do the following. From the Home screen > Settings > Device Information > Software Update > Update Now.