Currently, each country has typical dishes for this holiday, but besides that, there are still traditional dishes that are almost unchanged. Here are the indispensable dishes for Christmas. In Vietnam, you can enjoy these dishes at large restaurants and hotels at Christmas


Like Vietnam, Tet must have braised meat, Western countries must have turkey at Christmas. In the past, people used to eat goose meat, but now turkey is more popular. Seeing turkey means Christmas has come. It can be said that this is a typical Christmas dish of Christians around the worl

Bche de Noël cake (Bûche de Noël)

Khám Phá Bữa Tối Giáng Sinh Tại Châu Âu – GIA VỊ NHÀ HÀNG/ THỰC PHẨM NHẬP  KHẨU

This cake is associated with many legends about Christmas Day. It comes from going to the forest to cut a pine log to celebrate Christmas Day. A French baker has created a pine log out of cakes to replace real wood. So the log cake was attached to every house on the winter night to celebrate the birth of Christ.

Mint flavored candies

This little tongs also has many interesting anecdotes. First of all, the color of the candy cane is always white as the main color and one or two alternating red and green colors. This is implied that white represents the purity and holiness of God; The red color represents His blood. And the candy shape is a stick, but when turned upside down is the letter J – the beginning letter of Jesus. Indeed, Westerners are also very delicate!

Ginger bread

Today’s gingerbread is made in many different ways and the ingredients also change depending on the taste of each person. However, the basic ingredients are still retained such as ginger, bread crumbs, etc. Although the cake was developed from England, Germany is now a famous country for ginger bread. And of course, this is also an indispensable dish on a cold Christmas day.


This fragrant and rich pudding has also changed over time. The baker can add veal or lamb depending on their preferences, the vegetables also have a change without a certain recipe. But perhaps what many people like about pudding is the layer of sweet, sweet candy on top. Plus there’s the element of surprise when there’s a coin stuffed into the cake. This is interpreted as a wish for good luck to whoever has this coin.