An indispensable image in the traditional Vietnamese New Year days are trays of jam and seeds. On New Year’s Day, almost every family displays a variety of sweets and jams on their guest table.

First is to treat guests to play, then for the whole family to gather together to enjoy. It is also said that the level of prosperity and wealth of a house is through the tray of jam and seeds displayed on that family’s New Year’s Day. A tray of Tet jam is not only delicious because of its appearance, but each type of jam has a different meaning. Many types of jam displayed on the same tray also mean the desire for harmony and reunion.

Mứt Tết truyền thống mang hương vị ngọt ngào cho ngày Xuân - Tạp chí điện  tử Môi trường và Cuộc sống

Join MoMo to find out the deep meaning of the jams that appear in the jam trays of

Vietnamese people on the traditional Tet holiday.

A traditional and basic Vietnamese Tet jam tray is always full of residual seeds, lotus jam, kumquats, ginger, apples, peanuts … corresponding to sour, spicy, sweet, and fleshy as typical for the taste of life as well. It’s like showing the weather of the four seasons in a year.

Red melon seeds bring luck and joy

Did you know it is the red appearance of the melon seed that makes it always displayed by family members during Tet? Vietnamese people believe that the red color of melon seeds symbolizes luck, joy and fortune in the first days of the year

The meaning of lotus seed jam “new year reunion, children and grandchildren are full”

The cool, fleshy taste of lotus seed jam brings enjoyment to the tip of the tongue. Those who love sweets are sure to fall in love with this lotus seed because of its special taste. Not only does it have a unique and nutritious taste, but lotus seed jam means a new year of reunion, full of children and grandchildren.

Coconut jam “family gathering, reunion, happiness”

Coconut jam is a traditional delicacy and is chosen by many people in the Tet jam tray every spring. Coconut jam is featured in its sweet aroma and color. This type of jam is very diverse and interesting thanks to different ways of making depending on the preferences of each person. In the early spring days of gathering, sipping delicious, sweet coconut jam, enjoying a passionate cup of tea, all blend together to create a warm atmosphere in the family, tightening friendship.

The meaning of ginger jam “brings a warm and happy life”

Ginger jam is preferred for its characteristic delicious taste and warm taste. Therefore, the level of ginger is meaningful for a warm and happy life in the new year. Moreover, this is a very good jam for health, has the effect of warming people, stimulating digestion, detoxification, anti-vomiting, bloating, abdominal pain caused by eating disorderly.

Candy or marshmallows bring a sweet year

Grandparents are always delicate when giving sweets and candies to jam trays on Tet holiday. The candies, marshmallows appear with the meaning of wishing a sweet new year, full of love.