How to choose flowers for Tet according to feng shui colors

According to feng shui, people with par Moc are suitable for blue and green flowers. Fire people are suitable for red or green flowers. People destined for Earth should wear yellow or red flowers to bring good luck. And people destined for Kim should wear white and yellow flowers. And people of the Water parity are suitable for white and blue flowers.

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Chung flowers must be placed in the East direction – the direction of the rising sun to welcome prosperity. Therefore, to bring fortune to the family, when choosing fresh flowers for Tet, you should choose flowers that are both lucky and suitable for feng shui with your destiny.

What flowers should be displayed in the house for Tet?

Vietnamese people love to decorate their houses with flowers on Tet holiday. And the flowers on Tet holiday in Vietnam are also extremely rich and diverse. But on New Year’s Day, what lucky flowers should be displayed, not everyone knows.

Many people believe that flowers with beautiful names and vibrant colors will bring good luck and welcome fortune into the house. And here is a list of flowers that should be kept in the house on Tet holiday you can refer to:

1. Yellow apricot flower

Apricot flower is the symbol for the New Year of the South. Every year, the tree only blooms once on the occasion of Tet. Yellow is a symbol of wealth and nobility, so almost every house displays yellow apricots in front of the door with the desire for good health and prosperous business.

2. Peach blossom

If the South has yellow apricots, in the North, peach blossom is the spirit flower of the New Year. Pink brings a cozy feeling and sows in people’s hearts joy, the hope of a peaceful and happy New Year. The ancients believed that peach blossoms brought vitality and could ward off evil spirits.

What flowers should be displayed on Tet holiday – peach blossom

3. Lilies

Many modern Vietnamese families like to arrange lilies in the house because it has many colors, luxurious designs, long-lasting freshness and strong fragrance that blends with the scent of incense on Tet holiday. The lily symbolizes beauty, virtue and pride, often used to praise the women in the family.

4. Phalaenopsis orchids

Queen of flowers – orchids are very diverse in types, colors and have a long life. According to feng shui, phalaenopsis orchids represent fertility, proliferation, wealth, wealth and affluence. Therefore, even though the pots of Phalaenopsis orchids cost millions, many people still “brought” them home every Tet holiday.

What flowers should be displayed on Tet holiday – Phalaenopsis orchids