Wireless connection is a new trend of modern lifestyle. The birth of a bluetooth speaker has brought a new wireless audio experience to users. Join Dien May Xanh to learn about bluetooth speakers and notes to choose to buy a suitable product for yourself.

1What is a bluetooth speaker?

Bluetooth speaker is a type of sound amplifying device with the ability to connect to many different electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops by applying bluetooth technology. The speaker will be connected to other devices to help you enjoy music conveniently anywhere.

Bluetooth is the short-range wireless data exchange of less than 10m between electronic devices. Bluetooth uses 2.4GHz radio waves. Although they use the same frequency as Wifi technology, they do not conflict with each other because Bluetooth uses frequencies with shorter wavelengths.

2Advantages and disadvantages of bluetooth speakers

Advantages of bluetooth speakers

Wireless connectivity

Users prefer to choose bluetooth speakers because of the wireless connection feature, minimizing the hassle of connection wires, charging wires, and don’t need to worry about differences and incompatibility in connection ports.

Loa bluetooth là gì? Tổng quan cách chọn và các hãng nổi tiếng

Easy connection

Instead of having to install applications from third parties, users just need to connect their electronic devices to the bluetooth speaker and use it immediately. Users directly manipulate their electronic device as usual and the speaker will take over the role of replacing the existing speaker of the device.
High mobility

Instead of being fixed in one place, the speaker will be an extremely effective companion for users who need to move a lot. You can mount the speaker on your bike, motorbike or bring it with you to “play” with your friends on long-distance rides. With a compact appearance, you can put the device in a backpack extremely convenient.

Convenient rechargeable battery

The speaker is equipped with a rechargeable battery to meet the convenience needs of users. The speaker’s battery can be used for up to dozens of hours per charge, so it is extremely suitable for long trips or in places where there is no power source. In the new and high-end product lines later, it is also integrated in the USB charging port, which can act as a backup battery for the phone extremely convenient.

Resistant to water, dust and impact

Bluetooth speakers when used outdoors may be exposed to harsher environments such as sunlight, rain or dust. Because of that, in some speaker lines are equipped with antibacterial, water-resistant and impact-reducing standards to help better protect the device. For example, the Sony Extra Bass SRS-XB43 bluetooth speaker supports IP67 shock, water and dust resistance.

High aesthetics

Currently on the market, bluetooth speakers offer a variety of sizes, designs, shapes and colors. Users are free to choose a standard speaker for their own taste. Besides the main function of transmitting music, the speaker is also a decoration, as well as showing the class of the owner. Bluetooth speakers are also one of the products that many people use as gifts for friends and loved ones.

Good price

The price of bluetooth speakers stretches across many segments. Users can easily choose for themselves products with needs ranging from only a few hundred thousand 300,000 VND to nearly 10,000,000 VND for a bluetooth speaker device.

Disadvantages of bluetooth speakers

Limit on connection distance

Bluetooth is a technology that connects devices in close range. Therefore, users should use their device within a radius of 10m with the speaker for the best connection. Situations such as loss of connection, shock will occur when the connection distance between devices is not guaranteed.

Speaker power is not high

Most bluetooth speakers are designed with compact size, convenient and suitable for small spaces, so the power is not high, from 2W – 10W, although it is still suitable for outdoor parties. However, there are still some current large-capacity speakers that allow bluetooth connectivity, but there are still quite a few, users should find out carefully if there is a need for these lines for crowded parties or picnics. of the company.

Limited audio customization

Bluetooth speakers do not require the user to have knowledge of using audio devices. Therefore, most speakers have been omitted buttons that allow users to customize the sound according to their preferences such as Bass or Treble… Therefore, the speaker is not particularly suitable for professional music players, demanding ask custom high sound.

3Criteria when choosing to buy bluetooth speakers

Here are a few notes that you need to pay attention to to own a bluetooth speaker that suits your needs.

Speaker power

Depending on the intended use, the user will choose the appropriate speaker capacity. Currently, speaker power ranges from 2W – 10W. If you have a need to own a device for personal use, small space, 3W – 5W seems to be the right choice. But if the product is to serve for large outdoor parties and camps, you should prioritize the higher power type, above 7W.

Sound quality

An extremely important factor that directly affects your product experience. Normally, sound requires 3 bands of sound: bass (bass), mid (mid) and high (treble). But sometimes users will have more special preferences or requirements such as specializing in a certain sound range. For example, the Sony Extra Bass product line specializes in stronger Bass sound. In addition, users should note some other factors such as frequency range, the larger the Hz frequency range, the clearer and better the sound quality.

Battery life

Make sure the battery life is suitable for your intended use. Because you cannot use the device while it is charging to ensure the safety and longevity of the device.

Design and size

Because of its variety of designs and sizes to suit different user needs and personalities. If you are a person who has a habit of using speakers in cars or long-distance vehicles, make sure the speakers have a hook to prevent them from being bumped or dropped when moving. Or if you want to keep the decoration in your room, the cylinder will save more space.
Standard bluetooth connection The latest version of bluetooth connection technology is 5.0, so users need to see which bluetooth speaker devices support the connection standard to be optimal when linking to devices. Supporting old connection standards will sometimes experience jerky, stuttering, loss of sound or even failure to connect.
4Bluetooth speaker connections with each type of device To connect the bluetooth speaker with other devices such as TVs, laptops and smartphones, you first need to power on the product and connect mode by pressing and holding the device power button.