1 About roses

Persimmon is the common name for the flowering shrubs or perennial climbing plants of the genus Rosa, family Rosaceae, with more than 100 species and diverse flower colors. These species are famous for their beautiful flowers, so they are often called roses.

Roses are upright or climbing shrubs with thorny stems and branches. Fragrant flowers, diverse colors: pink, white, yellow or red,…

2 Types of popular roses in Vietnam

Sapa ancient rose is a native flower in Sapa, originating from Europe but has been purebred and grown in Sapa for a long time. Therefore, this flower is called Sapa ancient rose.

Son La Ancient Rose

Son La ancient rose has a body that is not too sturdy like other bush roses, is not too fragile like climbing roses and has very good branching ability.

Van Khoi ancient roses have a plump shape, large flower size, thick petals, the number of petals from 30 to 50 interwoven quite meticulously, looking very beautiful.

Van Khoi ancient roses have bright colors symbolizing prosperity and regal. This flower also represents the beauty and soul of a woman who is both noble, young and attractive.

Persimmon sister is a low bush rose variety, with healthy vitality, lush plants all year round. Little soot rose beautiful shape but quite small, delicate petals. Available in a variety of colors from red, orange, yellow, pink to white.

The sister flower symbolizes the sincere, close relationship between family members. Therefore, during each Tet holiday, people often buy this flower and place it in the house as a prayer for a new year reunion.

Pink roses are the sweetest, brightest flowers in the rose kingdom. That’s why they are called “Flower Queen”.

The queen rose has a large flower size, large petals, but a small number of petals, so it feels like the petals are not connected to each other, in general, the flower form is not very neat.

The meaning of the pink rose tells us that this flower is used to convey gentle emotions and difficult words. Is a way to express special affection, gratitude, admiration for someone.

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Tea rose.