Watching lions on TV or in zoos, we see that male lions often have long manes that grow around their heads. Why? Many theories have been put forward about the evolutionary purpose of the bushy mane that always accompanies the “mountain god”. Some scientists have surmised that the mane appeared due to the living characteristics of lions. The mane on the male lion’s neck helps to attract the female lion, and at the same time protects the lion’s neck from the bites of the rival.

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Lionesses, despite their smaller size, do most of the hunting and killing. As a rule, all the females in the herd are related (grandmother, aunt, aunt, mother, sister). Male lions exist mainly to protect the herd; they are excellent fighters (the lion’s mane is an evolution for skirmishes; the mane resists potentially fatal bites and scratches), but due to its large size and difficult to hide, they are not effective in hunting. Male lions get their share of food from every prey the herd catches. These are usually skirmishes with roaming male lions, who seek to capture the lions they can by killing the male lions in the pack and their cubs, if successfully they will gain ground and be able to breed The lionesses ‘own’ areas of their hunting ground.

A female lioness can give birth to 4 cubs and mate with many different creatures.

An adult lion consumes about 10 to 15 pounds of meat per day.

The lion is the only social member of the Cat family. They live in groups or herds of lions. Each group of lions averages about 15 cubs.

The roar of a lion can be heard from as far as 5 miles (about 8km).

A good measure of a male lion’s age is the dark color of the mane. The older the male lion, the darker his mane.

Lions’ heels do not touch the ground when they walk.

Lions have excellent night vision. Their eyes are 6 times more sensitive to light than human eyes.

The ancient Egyptians worshiped lions as their gods of war because of their ferocity, power, and strength.

Lions can live without drinking water for 4 days.